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“Fuzzy” © Brent Hollowell. Accessed at his ArtStation page here.

This vaguely humanoid creature stands as tall as a house, with armored, rock-like skin and a muscular tail. Moss and lichen grow along the cracks in its armor. Its forearms bear huge claws, but its expression is somehow gentle.

Taken from the Creature Codex

The immense elemgassen are gentle giants, but are ferocious and implacable if provoked. They are herdsmen of the great steppes, nomadic pastoralists that shepherd enormous and primeval mammals. Elemgassen have traits of the primeval themselves, and scholars note their resemblance to megafauna such as giant sloths and glyptodonts. Elemgassen also serve as walking gardens—the plants that grow on their bodies have strange magical properties and may include types found nowhere else.

Elemgassen are somewhat sociable, but their immense frames and need for food keeps their social groups rather small. They are omnivorous, but elemgassen without a steady supply of meat grow sickly and weak, and the magical herbs that grow on their bodies fail to thrive. Some elemgassen hunt, but they more frequently raise herds of giant animals, from bison and moose to rarer and more exotic fare as mammoths, woolly rhinos and baluchitherium. If encountered by smaller humanoids, they will gladly trade or buy and sell at fair prices, but those that steal from their herds or pick their magical herbs without asking find themselves attacked without pity.

An elemgassen stands fifteen feet tall and grows nearly thirty feet long to the tip of its tail. They are diurnal creatures that hunker down to sleep in the open, resembling nothing more than a moss covered boulder. They rarely form permanent settlements, but a family of elemgassen may keep a buried cache of treasures and emergency provisions to trade with and for when times get scarce.

Elemgassen        CR 11

XP 12,800

LN Huge monstrous humanoid
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, Perception +22, scent, tremorsense 60 ft.


AC 26, touch 10, flat-footed 24(-2 size, +2 Dex, +16 natural)
hp 149 (13d10+78)

Fort +10, Ref +10, Will +14

DR 10/adamantine; Resist cold 10, electricity 10, fire 10
Defensive Abilities ferocity


Speed 30 ft.
Melee 2 claws +19 (2d6+8/19-20×2), tail slap +17 (2d8+3)
Ranged rock +13 (2d6+12)

Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.

Special Attacks bowl over, rend (2 claws, 2d6+12), rock throwing (140 ft.) trample (2d6+12, DC 24)


Str 27, Dex 14, Con 23, Int 12, Wis23, Cha 16

Base Atk +13; CMB +23 (+25 bull’s rush); CMD 35 (37 vs. bull’s rush)

Feats Bull Rush Strike, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Multiattack, Power Attack, Self Sufficient, Skill Focus (Handle Animal)

Skills Handle Animal +22, Heal +22, Knowledge (nature) +15, Perception +22, Stealth +0 (+12 in wilderness areas), Survival +28; Racial Modifiers +12 Stealth in wilderness areas.SQ healing herbs, wild empathy +16


Environment cold and temperate plains

Organization solitary, pair, family (3-6) or idyll (1-6 plus 2-24 megafauna of varying kinds)

Treasure standard

Special Abilities

  • Bowl Over (Ex) A creature that fails its Reflex save against an elemgassen’s trample attack, or that elects not to make a save in order to make an attack of opportunity, is knocked prone.
  • Healing Herbs (Su) The herbs that grow on an elemgassen’s carapace allow it to make Heal checks to treat disease or cure deadly wounds as a standard action. An elemgassen can use this ability a number of times a day equal to its Wisdom modifier, or six times for a standard elemgassen. In addition, an elemgassen never takes penalties to making Heal checks without use of a healer’s kit, even if it has used all of its healing herbs for the day.
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