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Fey Death

Songs of the Sidhe by David Ross

When fey die, the subtle magic permeating their forms rapidly collapses. Their bodies are reabsorbed into the essence of nature shortly after death with no need for such processes as decomposition, turning to foam, soil, verdure, thin air, or other natural substances. Their souls are generally reincarnated as are most in Faerie.

Many fey like to ensure that certain things are passed down beyond their pure souls. Some pass down knowledge in the form of songs, scrolls, tomes, spoken rituals or tales, spell formulas, or even direct memory infusions, usually granted to close relatives or allies. Some pass along their goals, either by convincing a younger fey to carry it out the mundane way or by securing an oath to see it fulfilled as a favor. Finally, some pass down their very power, such as an archfey bestowing his status on a successor or passing along artifacts or magical knowledge. Even if a ruler is ageless, having an heir ready is expected in most fey courts.

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