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Songs of the Sidhe by David Ross

Many fey reside in lairs unique to their race. However, nearly half of all fey, regardless of race, choose instead to reside in brughs. A brugh is a specialized hollow mound. Oftentimes, the interior will be difficult or impossible to reach without fey magic or some racial talent of the owner. For example, a dryad may build one such that the only way in is to tree stride through a tree whose trunk blocks the entrance. Or, a brugh may exist in Faerie but be accessible by way of a keyed portal in the mortal world. The interior of a brugh depends upon the nature of its fey owner. For example, leprechauns prefer hut-like interiors with numerous small windows, workbenches, and wooden furniture; phookas prefer dark places to hide their ill-gotten gains and a pile of soft foliage to sleep on; daoine sidhe reside in lavish chambers with beds of down, curtains of fog, tapestries of flame, and furniture of frost or crystal.

Generally, fey will contract the creation of brughs for themselves from one of the few fey craftsman familiar with the esoteric knowledge of their construction. These craftsmen are usually gremlinsleprechauns, or korred.

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