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Waggon Sled

Waggon Sled, By Carl Gustaf Hellqvist - Greta Lindström / Nationalmuseum, Public Domain,
Carl Gustaf Hellqvist: Sten Sture d y:s död på Mälarens is. NM 1558

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

It has a fixed axle, around which the heavily greased wheels of the wagon rotate, secured in place on the axle by two clamps. The wheels are designed to be removed with a minimum of effort. Just behind the wheel mounts on the axles are four heavy spars extending toward the ground, leaving one foot of clearance between the end of the spar and the ground below.

The tips of the spars are designed to hold a set of runners, much like those found on a sled or a sleigh. When the driver of the wagon encounters heavy snow, he can stop, attach the runners, remove the wheels and continue on across the snow in a vehicle more suited to such an environment than a normal waggon.

Attaching the runners and removing and storing the wheels takes about ten minutes. Attaching the wheels and removing the runners takes about 15 minutes, as the waggon must be levered up high enough to put the wheels back on. A converted waggon sled can travel across snow and ice at the same speed it travels across uncovered ground as a waggon. When not in use, the runners or wheels can be stowed beneath the bed of the waggon, where they are secured with heavy strips of leather. The waggon sled comes with both wheels and runners.

Waggon Sled: 90 gp; 450 lb.

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