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Great Ram

Great Ram

A larger, meaner and heavier version of a common ram, this device resembles its lesser cousin in all respects except its ramming head is a flat, Huge stone block or iron head. This tremendous head allows a great ram to deal incalculable damage to a fortress’ gate. The ram’s body is iron-studded wood, typically 50 feet long; the massive scaffolding required to carry it is at least 30 feet tall.

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005

A great ram cannot fail an attack; however, it is so heavy it cannot receive a Strength bonus from any single creature manning it. It always strikes, always dealing a clean 8d6+20 points of bludgeoning damage to the surface struck. It requires at least 16 Medium, eight Large, four Huge or two Gargantuan or larger creatures to efficiently swing a great ram. It otherwise corresponds to the rules and traits of a common ram, as seen in the SRD.

Great Ram: 4,000 gp; Damage 8d6; Critical -; Range -; Typical Crew 24

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