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 Anthropomorphizing Settlement

 Anthropomorphizing Settlement
Anthropomorphizing Settlement – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

This settlement is a haven for those with fur and feathers.

Fascinatingly inhuman Anthros walk the streets; the settlements are powerful boar-men or lion anthros; its prostitutes are glamorous bird or cat-women, its wizards a hybrid between ferret and man, and so on.

Special Requirement Racial Enclave (creatures with the Anthro subtype)

Decrease Society -1. Increase Lore +1. Increase spellcasting by +1 levels when casting Transmutation spells only.

Non-anthro characters can become both Anthros and citizens by undergoing a day-long religious ritual led by the settlements druids or clerics. The ritual requires the donation of goods or treasure to the community worth at least 5,000 gp. At the end of the ritual, the supplicant loses his or her original racial traits and becomes an Anthro. Select an Order and spend build points as normal to build an Anthro character.

Cityscapes: New Settlement Options for the Pathfinder RPG © 2012, Otherverse Games; Author: Chris A. Field.

Requires the use of Fursona: The Complete Guide to Creating Anthropomorphic Characters

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