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The Thousand flame Coalition

Songs of the Sidhe by David Ross

The Thousand flame Coalition unites dozens of fomorian warlords under the crafty guidance of Arca Dubh. Although mighty, Arca Dubh is not the most powerful of the member warlords. The coalition spans all sorts of environments, but has the largest claims on plains, rivers, and shores.

Arca Dubh micromanages much of his holdings through informants and magic items, organizing his lands and their peoples for maximum efficiency. However, this strategy sometimes leads to dangerous resentment and rebellion from his vassals, requiring he spend energy keeping them in line. Additionally, he sometimes accidentally ruins a land by getting rid of something he deems superfluous but which turn out to be an ecological linchpin. The rest of the coalition must deal with his spies and spellcasting servants constantly monitoring their loyalty, but they are grudgingly willing to do it because his leadership provides them safety from the more powerful Demesne Courts. The coalition is allied with a few lawful Seelie, but conflicts with most Demesne Courts. Arca Dubh sometimes attempts to appease the Court of Deserts to prevent them from attempting to conquer land he ruins.

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