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Josse Lieferinxe (1508) St. Michael killing the Dragon, Hellrazor
Josse Lieferinxe (1508) St. Michael killing the Dragon

It is time to take the war to the enemy.

The Quintessential paladin II
Author Gareth Hanrahan
Series Quintessential Series
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2004

Since the beginning of time, the battleground in the eternal war between good and evil has been the Material Plane and all the other worlds between the utter light of heaven and the infinite dark of the planes below. It is the mortal folk who have suffered as celestial and fiendish forces clash in unending war. The hellrazor is a paladin dedicated to taking the war to the very threshold of the abyss. He shall cut through the hordes of the fiends, besiege the gates of the infernal realm and – one glorious day – he shall bring hell crashing down.

This is not madness. This is not a futile gesture. This, swears the hellrazor, is the beginning of the end.

Hit Die: d10.


To qualify to become a hellrazor, a character must fulfil all the following criteria:
Skills: Concentration 7 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 10 ranks, Knowledge (the planes) 7 ranks.
Feats: Endurance, Iron Will.
Special: The character must have some method of travelling between the planes – either the ability to plane shift or a spell or effect that does the same thing.

The Hellrazor
Class LevelBase Attack Fort Save Ref SaveWill SaveSpecial
1st+1+2+0+0Fire resistance, smite fiend 1/day
2nd+2+3+0+0Let hell hold no secrets
3rd+3+3+1+1Hellride 1/day
4th+4+4+1+1Smite fiend 2/day
5th+5+4+1+1Hellride 2/day
6th+6+5+2+2Smite fiend 3/day
7th+7+5+2+2Light of heaven 1/day
8th+8+6+2+2Fiendslayer, smite fiend 4/day
9th+9+6+3+3Light of heaven 2/day
10th+10+7+3+3Smite fiend 5/day

Class Skills

The hellrazor’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Constitution), Intimidate (Charisma), Hide (Dexterity), Knowledge (Arcana) (Intelligence), Knowledge (religion) (Intelligence), Knowledge (the planes) (Intelligence), Listen (Wisdom), Ride (Dexterity), Spot (Wisdom), Sense Motive (Wisdom) and Survival (Wisdom).

Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Intelligence modifier.

Class Features

Armour and Weapon Proficiency: Hellrazors gain no additional armour or weapon proficiencies.

Fire Resistance (Su): The hellrazor gains fire resistance equal to twice his hellrazor level. A 1st level hellrazor has fire resistance 2, while a 5th level hellrazor has fire resistance 10.

Smite Fiend (Su): Once per day, the hellrazor may use smite fiend as part of a normal melee attack. He adds his Charisma bonus to the attack roll and may add his hellrazor level to the damage dealt by a successful hit, as long as the target of the attack is an evil outsider. Smite Fiend only works on evil outsiders. Alternatively, he may choose to reduce the target’s Spell Resistance by the hellrazor’s level for one round, until the hellrazor’s next action.

Let Hell Hold No Secrets (Ex): The hellrazor gains a +2 insight bonus to Search and Survival checks made in the lower planes.

Hellride (Sp): Once per day, the hellrazor may cast plane shift while mounted on the back of a horse. He may travel to or from the lower planes only.

Light of Heaven (Su): Once per day, the hellrazor may channel divine energy into his aura. This creates a bubble ten feet wide around the hellrazor. This bubble acts as a magic circle against evil, with a caster level equal to the hellrazor’s character level. It also gives those inside the bubble a Spell Resistance of 11 + the hellrazor’s class level. Furthermore, the area inside the bubble is protected from the environmental effects of the plane – it is filled with air, quite cool and so on. The hellrazor may only activate the Light of Heaven on an evil plane or unhallowed area. He must make a Concentration check each round to maintain the Light. The DC for this check begins at ten and increases by three every round.

Fiendslayer (Ex): If the hellrazor deals a critical hit on an evil outsider, that outsider must immediately make a Fortitude save at a DC equal to the damage dealt or be destroyed.

Epic Hellrazor

Hit Die: d10.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + Intelligence modifier.
Bonus Feats: The epic hellrazor gains a bonus feat every four levels higher than 20th.

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