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Lunar Mystagogue

By William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Unknown source, Public Domain,, Lunar Mystagogue
By William-Adolphe Bouguereau – Unknown source, Public Domain,

Lunar mystagogues are keepers of secrets. The moon is the matron of magic, mystery, and all things dark or hidden. Mystagogues both guard the moon’s lore and ensure its silent passage from one generation to the next.

Occult Lore
Author Keith Baker, Adam Bank, Chris Jones, Scott Reeves, and Elton Robb
Series Lore
Publisher Atlas
Publish date 2002

Druids often take the mantle of the moon’s keeper-teachers, although clerics and even rangers are not uncommon. Lunar mystagogues have a reputation for being solitary and strange madmen of the wild. When a mystagogue goes adventuring, or is seen in the company of other heroes, be assured that some stellar prophecy is at work or the domains of the moon are somehow under threat.

NPC lunar mystagogues lurk in the darkest forests and loneliest plains, relying on their astrology and divination to bring them news of the world. They are also infamous for making sudden appearances at social and political events, like weddings, crownings, births, or battles. They come to silently observe, or give cryptic announcements.

Hit Die: d6


To qualify to become a lunar mystagogue, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Alignment: Any chaotic or neutral
Skills: 8 ranks Astrology; 6 ranks Knowledge (religion); 5 ranks Scry
Spells: Ability to cast divine spells; if the character is a cleric, the character must possess either the Luna or Trickery domain.
Special: Ability (from spells, spell-like effects, extraordinary abilities, etc.) to change shape. Before becoming a 1st-level lunar mystagogue, the character must seek out a current mystagogue to initiate her into the mysteries of the moon. The initiator must voluntarily spend a Turn attempt during the ceremony. The ceremony is eldritch and overwhelming; the character temporarily loses 1d4 Wisdom points upon its completion.

The Lunar Mystagogue
LevelBABFSRSWSSpecialSpells per Day
10+10+2Channeling, Unknowable, Nightsight
20+20+3Inscrutability: undetectable alignment+1 level of existing class
3+1+2+1+3Cthonic Authority, Extra Turning
4+1+3+1+4Inscrutability: alter self, Restless Dead+1 level of existing class
5+2+3+2+4Occultation: Nondetection
6+2+4+2+5Inscrutability: polymorph self+1 level of existing class
7+3+4+3+5Occultation: sequester
8+3+5+3+6Inscrutability:mislead+1 level of existing class
9+4+5+4+6Occultation:antipathy, screen
10+4+6+4+7Inscrutability: time stop, mind blank+1 level of existing class


The lunar mystagogue’s class skills are Alchemy (Intelligence), Animal Empathy (Charisma), Astrology (Intelligence), Concentration (Constitution), Craft (Intelligence), Handle Animal (Charisma), Hide (Dexterity), Innuendo (Wisdom), Intuit Direction (Wisdom), Knowledge (all skills taken individually) (Intelligence), Move Silently (Dexterity), Ride (Dexterity), Search (Intelligence), Sense Motive (Wisdom), Spellcraft (Intelligence), Spot (Wisdom) and Wilderness Lore (Wisdom).

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier + 2 dedicated skill points


All of the following are class features of the lunar mystagogue prestige class.

Dedicated Skill Points: In addition to the 4 + Intelligence modifier skill points a lunar mystagogue receives at each level, the character gains 2 ‘dedicated’ skill points that can be only spent on Knowledge or Craft skills.

Spells per Day: A lunar mystagogue continues advancing in spellcasting ability based on his previous, highest divine spellcasting class, although slower. When a mystagogue gains a new even-numbered level, the character gains new divine spells per day as if he had also gained a new level in his previous, highest divine spellcasting class. He does not acquire any special powers of his previous class, however.

Channeling: Lunar mystagogues can channel negative energy. If the character possesses cleric levels (or levels of another class that could Turn/Rebuke undead), levels of lunar mystagogue count toward cleric levels for the purposes of Turning and Rebuking. If the character does not possess cleric levels, a lunar mystagogue can Rebuke/command undead as a evil cleric of the same class level. Lunar mystagogues also have access to negative energy channeling abilities and feats (including Extra Turning).

Unknowable: Lunar mystagogues are immune to direct mind-reading magic such as detect thoughts. No magic, short of a wish, can be used to determine whether a lunar mystagogue is lying. The character opposes all Sense Motive checks with a Bluff roll at a +10 competence bonus.

Nightsight (Ex): Lunar mystagogues have a unique rapport with the night, and possess a qualified Blindsight extraordinary ability. The character has a 60- foot-radius Blindsight at night, or ‘whilst within the Earth’ (caves, tunnels, etc.). In daylight or magical light, the character’s Blindsight fails entirely. In other situations (such as magical darkness), the character’s Blindsight only extends 10 feet. Additionally, while under the night sky on within the earth, the character gains a +2 competence bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks.

Extra Turning: At 3rd level, lunar mystagogues gain the Extra Turning feat. Almost all mystagogue powers are based on the channeling of negative energy, making even more Extra Turning feats very worthwhile.

Restless Dead: The moon holds a strange affinity for ghosts. At 4th level, lunar mystagogues can augment a summon monster, or summon nature’s ally spell by spending one Turn attempt before casting. The creature that appears is a ghost; apply the ghost template to the creature summoned.

Inscrutability: Lunar mystagogues can channel their matron’s negative energy to become as enigmatic as the moon. At 2nd level, the character gains the ability cast undetectable alignment upon herself as a spell-like effect by spending one Turn attempt. At 4th level, the character gains the ability to cast alter self by spending one turn attempt. At 6th level, the character can cast polymorph self by spending one Turn attempt. At 8th level, the character can cast mislead by spending one Turn attempt. At 10th level, the character can cast time stop or mind blank (limited target to the character himself) by spending one Turn attempt.

Occultation: Lunar mystagogues are the masters of magical secrecy. At 5th level, a mystagogue can channel negative energy to Hide objects or creatures; by spending one Turn attempt, the character can cast Nondetection upon one target as a spell-like effect. At 7th level, the character can cast sequester by spending a Turn attempt. At 9th level, the character can cast antipathy or screen by spending a turn attempt.

Chthonic Authority: The moon grants lunar mystagogues power over creatures of the earth and underworld. At 3rd level, the character can Rebuke/Command normal animals as a evil cleric Rebukes/Commands undead. For each level thereafter, the character chooses one additional category of creature to Rebuke/Command from the following list: chaotic outsiders; dire animals; earth elementals; evil outsiders; fey; fiends (& half-fiends); and vermin.

Alignment Restriction: None of a lunar mystagogue’s class features function if the character becomes lawful. Once chaotic or neutral alignment is restored, the character must perform atone (as per the Atonement spell) before the powers of her class features return

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