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Goodwife, Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684) Interior with a mother delousing her child's hair, known as "A mother's duty"
Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684) Interior with a mother delousing her child’s hair, known as “A mother’s duty”

Put care and love into all you do, and you’ll find love and care has been put in you! – Grandmother Cicely, the Tuckerville Blessing

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There is love in everything. For it is love, if only of itself, that keeps a thing real and existing. Where there is love there is spirit. And where there is spirit, there are the Goodwives. Caring beyond measure is what fuels her and her abilities, and awakes in the very ground beneath your feet and the eaves above your head. That all things deserve love and care is her philosophy. If a child is ill, stay with it, if an item is broken, mend it. Whether it is the dog lying dead in the street, the child struck by illness, or a cracked pot abandoned, she will offer up a prayer to it and ceremoniously bury, burn, or otherwise dispose of it as needed with respect. She knows she cannot care for all, but that if all cared, existence would be a better place. She does what she can, and does it with all her heart and soul.

This intense dedication attracts small gods to her, and draws fey and spirits out of hiding, who whisper their secrets and Wisdom, knowing she will never abuse her knowledge.

Becoming A Goodwife

One seems destined to become a goodwife as much it is chosen. She must with all her heart choose to dedicate herself to the aiding and furthering of family and community. Goodwives simply Care, for all things, from worms and pins to entire civilizations.

Most begin as urban spirit shamans, though even the wilds are homes to others, and thus the Goodwife has sway. Less commonly shugenja are attracted to the class once learning that all things have souls or avatars to them, much like the elementals they connect with. druid and clerics rarely take levels in goodwife, though with effort are capable.

Hit Dice: d6

Entry Requirements

Alignment: Any good
Feat: Sacred Vow
Skills: Craft (any) 8 ranks, Heal 4 ranks, Knowledge (local) 8 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks
Special: Must be a female of your race who worships no deity, though those that follow a concept or philosophy devoid of a specific god may take this class.

The Goodwife
LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecialSpells Per Day
1st+0+0+0+2Goodwife’s Blessing, Out of the Woodwork, Second Sight
2nd+1+0+0+3By Oak, Ash and Thorn, Spontaneous Animation+1 level of existing divine spellcasting class
3rd+2+1+1+3Lady of the Home, Small Gods+1 level of existing divine spellcasting class
4th+3+1+1+4Incite the Spirits+1 level of existing divine spellcasting class
5th+3+1+1+4Knock on Wood, Possessive Possession
Weapon, Small Gods (duo)
+1 level of existing divine spellcasting class
7th+5+2+2+5Goodwife’s Exorcism+1 level of existing divine spellcasting class
8th+6+2+2+6Teraphim Form+1 level of existing divine spellcasting class
9th+6+3+3+6Small Gods (trio), Spirit of the Home+1 level of existing divine spellcasting class
10th+7+3+3+7Genius Loci

Class Skills

The Goodwife’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Appraise (Intelligence), Balance (Dexterity), Concentration (Constitution), Craft (Intelligence), Diplomacy (Charisma), Gather Information (Charisma), Heal (Wisdom), Knowledge (architecture and engineering/local/nature/religion) (Intelligence), Open Lock (Dexterity), Profession (Wisdom), Search (Intelligence), Spellcraft (Intelligence), Use Magic Device (Charisma), Rope Use(Dexterity)
Skills Points at Each Level: 6 + Intelligence

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Goodwife prestige class.


For the purpose of this class, the Home is the house and lands of a specific individual who lives within the home and tends the land without. A household is those who share these specific quarters and chores with the individual. These may be family, boarders, farm hands and similar.

A king for instance may own the land about his castle while the peasants til it, but the land they care for is considered theirs for the purpose of a goodwife’s blessings and abilities.


For the purpose of this class Teraphim are good-aligned creatures of the material plane with a spark of the divine to them, be it through a connection to a deity or of the natural order. Many of the former are of Estanna, the goddess of home and hearth, or other deities of family and community. Most are natural however, living in the very trees and stones.

The majority have little to no power, but a Goodwife can Awaken or call forth the powerful amongst them to protect and aid.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Goodwifes gain no proficiency with any weapon or armor.

Spells per Day: On every level except 1st, 5th and 10th, when a new Goodwife level is gained, she gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in whatever divine spellcasting class she belonged to before she added the prestige class. She does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. This essentially means that she adds the level of Goodwife to the level of whatever other divine spellcasting class the character has, then determines spells per day and caster level accordingly.

If a Goodwife had more than one divine spellcasting class before she became a goodwife, she must decide to which class she adds each level of goodwife for the purpose of determining spells per day.

Goodwife’s Blessing (Su): The blessing of a Goodwife is a most powerful yet subtle gift. It takes a full round action that allows for an attack of opportunity. It is permanent when used upon a home, unless one casts Curse on the blessed home, which negates the benefits of the blessing but effects it in no other way. To dispell the blessing with a Curse the curser must succeed on an opposed caster level check. A Goodwife’s caster level is equal to her HD for the specific purpose of her blessing.

An individual may be blessed as well, though this blessing only lasts for 1d4 hours, unlike a home.

Only one blessing may be given per individual or home as a touch with no saving throw, though there is no limit to how many homes or individuals that may be blessed.

At 5th level she may grant two blessings at the same time with a single touch. At 10th level three blessings. Another goodwife may add her own blessing to an existing one only if permitted by another Goodwife. Otherwise she must make an opposed caster level check against the previous goodwife’s blessing to add her own.

Another goodwife or one with true seeing or Second Sight may see fingerprints, a kiss, or specific markings upon the individual, doorframe or equivalent, glowing with a faint light as indication of the blessing. Each mark is different for each Goodwife, who instinctively knows what manner of blessing is upon it by the type of mark. If the mark flickers like an angered fire however she knows that the blessing was revoked and reversed.

This occurs whenever the blessed individual purposely harms or kills the goodwife, or with full knowledge of their deeds performs a strongly evil act within that household. This blessing is only reversed for the adults in the household. Innocents, such as children, pets and livestock are unaffected by the reversal of the blessing, though no longer gain the benefits of the blessing.

Goodwife LevelTarget
2Immediate Family/Shack/Carriage
4Cottage/*Extended family

* 2d6 plus one additional member per Goodwife level

** This does not effect the entire village or town, just those of good alignment who are well disposed towards the blessed family.

Types of Blessings

Cooperation: This blessing sees that folks get along better than most, and making work as if play. Whenever the Aid Another action is used, the bonus to the check is increased to +4. When the Goodwife reaches 6th level this bonus increases to +6.

Reversal – The household experiences great annoyance with others and if one is so inclined to attempt to aid the other the bonuses become a penalty.

Energized: This blessing puts a spring in the step of those within the household, who gain a 5-foot bonus to their speed as long as they stay within the home. They also make Fortitude-based checks with a +1 bonus. At 6th level these bonuses double. At 9th level the base bonus triples.

Reversal – Bonus is inverted, and they take a -5 foot penalty to all speed types and Fortitude-based saves are made at a -1 penalty.

Homefires: This blessing allows a single coal to remain ever burning hot. It is not enough to warm, but it can be used to start any fire. The sweet-scented smoke from these fires seem to clean the air, killing off all inhaled diseases within 60 feet. At sixth level this blessing grants those suffering from an inhaled disease a new saving throw each day. At ninth level those that inhale the scent are automatically cured of all inhaled diseases.

Reversal – No fire will start in this home, even if brought from another. However, if someone sets fire to the home it will still burn. Any attempt to produce a flame instead produces thick choking smoke throughout the house. See Smoke Effects.

Heartening: Any of those within the household that are reduced to negative hit points automatically stabilizes without a need for Heal checks. At 6th level they gain the benefits of the Diehard feat. At 9th level they become immune to death effects in addition to the above.

Reversal – Those in the home no longer automatically stabilize. A check must be made as normal. If the check is successful to stabilize them they remain in a coma until returned to full hit points.

Parting: This blessing allows all to see and hear the departed spirit of a loved one. They may say their goodbyes, and the spirit may impart to them information they could not remember or were forced to keep secret through spells or similar. This acts as the Spirit Sense feat, and is determined by the Wisdom modifier of the Goodwife. The time granted to speak with the spirit doubles at 6th level, and the base time triples at 9th level.

Reversal – The departing spirit is instead a mischievous fey creature posing as the spirit and will give them false fortunes that have them performing ridiculous tasks. He will not leave, but berates them and scolds them for their misdeeds in life.

Pleasantry: A Goodwife may use prestidigitation at will, though the effect is permanent. She may use this to permanently clean an area, recolor it, perfume, enhance taste.

Reversal – The effects are reversed for the prestidigitation. An area blessed to smell sweet now possesses a permanently foul aroma, a clean area is now filthy with grime and trash, colors clash distastefully and food tastes foul and unappetizing (though is still perfectly edible).

Warding: This blessing wards off a specific individual person or creature from entry. It might be a bounty hunter searching for a family member, a debt collector, or something as simple a as cat known for sneaking in and eating their food. This being may not have more HD than the Goodwife. There is nothing stopping the individual from hiring or in other ways enticing another to venture within in their stead.

Reversal – The individual or creature warded against instead finds themselves attracted to the household if they pass within eyeshot of it.

Wellstepped: Accidents are less likely to happen, all gaining a +2 bonus to Balance, Tumble and Craft checks as well as +4 bonus on ability checks made to resist being bull
rushed or tripped. Falling or accidental damage is also halved. At 6th level these bonuses double. At 9th level the base bonus triple and

Reversal – All bonuses are nulled, and instead they take a penalty equal to the previous bonus. Falling damage is also doubled.

Out of the Woodwork (Ex): Wherever a Goodwife goes, benevolent spirits awaken, and kindly sprites leap forth, called Teraphim. These creatures are inherent in any environment, though a Goodwife may only bring forth the good-aligned amongst them. These Teraphim are only visible to a Goodwife, true seeing or Second Sight.

They are not true lifeforms as most know them, but the incarnation of objects, spirits of trees, and souls of home and area, alike to very minor genius loci. As such they cannot be detected as life, nor can be harmed, nor manipulated or effected by most magic. An object broken or burned beyond repair can destroy the inherent Teraphim, but there is always another to take its place.

If These Walls Could Talk: The Goodwife may make a Gather Information check wherever she goes that takes only 1d4+1 minutes as she questions the Teraphim. They never lie or mislead the Goodwife, nor are they effected by normal spells. However, within a home they may choose not to answer the Goodwife 20% of the time unless the owner and master of the house bids her enter and welcome. She must then spend a full round blessing the household.

If any of the household lies that has invited her in, there is a 50% that the spirits tell her its a lie and then tell her the truth of the matter.

Good Help: These beings may also be enticed to perform tasks for the Goodwife, acting as a permanent unseen servant spell in any area. This is supernatural in nature and not effected by a Null Magic Field.

Second Sight: At 1st level a Goodwife gains the Second Sight feat even if she doesn’t meet the prerequisites. See next post for feat specifics.

By Oak, Ash and Thorn: At 2nd level a Goodwife may attempt a DC 20 Diplomacy check once per day. If successful she can entice the spirits of the area to build her a temporary home within which to dwell. This cannot be built on Unhallowed ground, nor on the property of another who has not given permission. This acts as the secure shelter spell with an alarm-type effect, the spirits letting her know if any come within 20 feet of the home.

At 7th level she may entice them to construct a Magnificent Mansion as the spell with a DC 30 Diplomacy check. This mansion requires an hour to construct.

The Goodwife must grant sanctuary within these structures to any non-evil creature that requests it. If an evil creature requests entrance the spirits will warn her of the being’s nature. Their alignment cannot be hidden by any spells. Only one of divine rank may successfully hide it.

This is considered a Home for the purpose of the Goodwife’s abilities, and thus may Bless her own home, give up spells to animate any object within, call forth a powerful teraphim to dwell within it (see Small Gods below) and similar. Each time a home crumbles she loses the benefits of the above (unless it was her person she blessed and not the home) and must perform such tasks with a new construction.

Unlike the spells, these structures last for as long as the Goodwife occupies it. If she leaves for 24 hours however it crumbles into the bracken, moulde and trash from which it was constructed. A Goodwife can announce her wish to depart and cause it to crumble immediately. The spirits know if she has been coerced to do so and will not obey.

Spontaneous Animation (Sp): At 2nd level Goodwife can Awaken the spirit of an item. She can ‘lose’ a prepared spell in order to cast a variant Animated Object
spell. It acts as animate object except you may only animate the following, depending on the level of the lost spell.

Spell LevelObject Size
1st1 Tiny or animate rope
2nd1 Small or 2 Tiny
3rd1 Medium, 2 Small or 4 Tiny
4th1 Large, 2 Medium, 4 Small or 8 Tiny
5th1 Huge, 2 Large, 4 Medium, 8 Small or 16 Tiny
6th1 Animated Object Swarm, 1 Huge & 1 Large, 4 Large, 6 Medium, 10 Small or 18 Tiny
7th1 Gargantuan, 2 Swarms, 2 Huge, 4 Large, 8 Medium, 16 Small, or 32 Tiny
8th2 Gargantuan, 3 Swarms, 4 Huge, 8 Large, 14 Medium, 20 Small, or 40 Tiny
9th1 Colossal, 3 Gargantuan, 4 Swarms, 6 Huge, 10 Large, 18 Medium, 26 Small, or 52 Tiny

Lady of the Home (Ex): A Goodwife’s constant interaction with the kindly creatures of home and wild grant her the benefits of the Nymph’s Kiss feat (BoED, p. 44).

Small Gods: At 3rd level a Goodwife can call forth a powerful Teraphim to guard and dedicate itself to the area indicated in the Blessing ability above.

This ritual takes 10 minutes, -1 minute for each Goodwife level to a minimum of 1 minute at 10th level. To summon the small god you must build a small altar or Craft an idol (DC 20) specifically to the spirit and place it in an open place of reverence. You then leave an Offering. The teraphim will then appear and the household gains the Benefit. As long as the offering is made every day the Teraphim and its influence will remain.

The teraphim summoned by a goodwife are always good-aligned and will leave after 24 hours of an evil individual taking up ownership or permanent residence of such a home. If the original family remains as well, they do not leave, and continue granting them the bonus, but the evil individual is harassed and haunted, being constantly awoken. He cannot rest enough to cast spells and in the morning is Fatigued.

A goodwife or good-aligned being can attempt to gain special favor from the ‘god’ by a Pleasantry. The latter can be an object of worth, a specific action, or similar.

The caster level of effects provided by the Teraphim is equal to the Goodwife’s HD unless otherwise specified. The affects of the Teraphim allow no saving throw, nor are effected by Spell Resistance unless specially mentioned.

this level only one small god may occupy a household at any given time.

At 6th level two small gods may be enticed to cooperate within the same home. A home with two small gods is Protected from Evil.

At 9th level three small goods can occupy it. A home with three small gods is Hallowed.

Incite the Spirits (Ex): In a location blessed by a Goodwife she may rile up hundreds of spirits to aid her as a full round action, who act on her initiative the next round. They form an angry swarm with a space of 10 feet that automatically deal damage to the source of a Goodwife’s ire within 60 feet. Only the source is harmed, others within being unharmed. The damage depends on how much of a fury a Goodwife can talk them into. She makes a DC 15 Diplomacy or Bluff check, her choice, which deals 1d6 damage. As well, those within the swarm must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10 + Goodwife level + Charisma mod) or be nauseated for 1 round. For every 5 additional points made to the Bluff/Diplomacy check the damage increases by 1d6 and the nausea DC by 1.

Spellcasting or concentrating on spells within the area requires a Concentration check (DC 20 + spell level). Using skills that involve patience and Concentration requires a DC 20 Concentration check.

The swarm lasts for 1 round per Goodwife level. She may incite a swarm a number of times per day equal to her Charisma-modifier.

Knock On Wood (Ex): A Goodwife gains a +2 Luck bonus to Armor Class and saving throws while in contact with wood, living or dead. This may be standing upon a hardwood floor, touching a tree, or even wielding a wooden weapon or shield.

She also may re-roll any roll once per day after knowing the result by using a free action to knock on wood. The spirits of the wood then issue forth and guide her

Any wooden weapon a goodwife uses becomes a ghost touch weapon.

Possessive Possession (Ex): A Goodwife gains a +4 bonus to resist possession, such as from a Ghost or Fiend. If she succeeds on her save she does not release it, but traps it within herself, where it is harmless. She can retain a number of spirits whose total HD does not surpass twice her own, and no single spirit can exceed her own base HD.

The Goodwife can send the creature into an object of her choosing by touching it, which comes to life as the animate object spell, but is permanent until the spirit succeeds on an opposed class level check, the goodwife adding her Charisma modifier, if any, against a DC of 10 + the possessing creature’s HD + its Charisma-modifier (if any). It may attempt a save every 24 hours. The HD of the animated object cannot exceed the possessing spirit. It can be driven into any object within that limitation. The Goodwife may release the spirit at any time.

Dancing Weapon: At this level a goodwife can even Awaken the spirit of weapons. Any weapon she wields gains the dancing enhancement. It does not gain an enhancement bonus, but if mostly wooden is considered ghost touch as well. She may only use one dancing weapon at a time.

Goodwife’s Exorcism (Su): As a full-round action a Goodwife can force a possessing creature or spirit out of the body or object it inhabits (for example a ghost with the malevolence ability). To exorcise a possessing creature, she makes a class level check (also adding her Charisma modifier, if any) against a DC of 10 + the possessing creature’s HD + its Charisma-modifier (if any). If her result equal or exceeds the DC, she succeeds in forcing the possessor from the body, with the normal results based on its method of possession. A spirit so exorcised cannot attempt to possess the same victim for 24 hours.

If you already possess an Exorcism ability from another class you gain a +4 bonus to your check.

Teraphim Form (Su): At 8th level a Goodwife takes on the stature or abilities of the household gods, chosen from below. Once she chooses which ability to use it lasts for 24 hours, though she can reverse and then later reuse the effects at any time as a free action. After 24 hours she can then choose a new ability.

Creepy-Crawly: She is affected as by the Spider Climb spell, though may even Run while under the effects.

Hardness: The goodwife openly accepts the spirits of elements and may take on the hardness of any surface she is in contact with. For instance if in contact with a stone wall she would gain Hardness 15, or a hardwood floor Hardness 10. If she is in contact with several substances, the absorbs the most prevalent Hardness. A goodwife is never considered to have thickness beyond 1 inch.

Humble: She can shrink to any size below her normal size, even to Fine.
The Goodwife’s Strength decreases by -2 for each size she shrinks, to a minimum
of Strength 1, and her Dexterity increases by +2.

Unseen: She gains Natural Invisibility. It works like greater invisibility (caster level equal to her HD) except this ability is not subject to the Invisibility
spell. She can be seen with Second Sight, see invisibility, true seeing and any spells that normally allow one to view an invisible creature.

Home Spirit (Su): At 9th level the Goodwife can pass through any inanimate physical obstruction as if it did not exist, though the width cannot exceed her speed. Even the tiniest space is enough to allow her entrance. She is not incorporeal however and weapons and spells harm her normally. She also cannot fly, so if she pass through a wall and out into a hole, she still falls.

Alternatively she can touch an object and move along to any other portion of it as if having teleported as a move action, though entrance and exit must be part of the same object. For instance she could touch the cellar wall of a house and transport to the attic, or the trunk of a tree to step out amongst its branches.

Genius Loci (Ex): At 10th level a Goodwife becomes a Teraphim herself and gains the Outsider (Native) type. She no longer ages, and is permanently invisible as the greater invisibility spell except for those she wishes to be seen by, or those with Second Sight, see invisibility, True Seeing and similar.

Once per day a Goodwife can call all the small gods and spirits to enter and strengthen her. She gains a Divine Rank of 0 and becomes a Quasi-Deity for up to 1 minute per day. While in this mode she phases into the land, trees and buildings themselves, becoming one with them.

While in genius loci form the Goodwife cannot be harmed by physical or magical means as she has no true body or self to speak of. The area she can affect is out to 100 feet.

This area is considered Hallowed at a CL equal to her HD. She can set any temperature that is normal for the plane where the realm is located (for the Material Plane, any temperature from -20ºF to 120ºF), and fill the area with scents and sounds as she sees fit. Sounds can be no louder than one hundred humans could make, but not intelligible speech or harmful sound. Her ability to create scents is similar. Along with any other spells she knows, she may cast animate object, Move earth, reverse gravity, or stone shape each round at will, CL equal to her HD. She may also block any teleportation in or out of this area.


Playing A Goodwife

Others walking along a street may see buildings, carts, pedestrians, pets and children. They then go home and live their life within the privacy of their dwellings. A Goodwife however knows there is no such thing as privacy. You know nothing of this thing called loneliness, for even in the deepest hole, the driest desert, the most obscure locale, you have continuous company.

You are surrounded, day and night, by the scampering of spirits, songs no other ear can hear, snatches of supposed secrets. Thought and form are in all places, and you wade through a sea of lifeforms most never see though they live a century.

For those solitary at heart, this constant flow might drive them mad, but you love constant company and the sense of community. It is a holiness to chat with a neighbor, a blessing to watch the little children in play. You have devoted your life to aiding all things, large and small, humanity and divinity. The elementals, eidolons, spirits and souls, these are both your flock and your saviors, aids and masters. Through them and with them you better the world.

Many goodwives are involved in the classic tales of a governess, nurse and the like who come into a household to bring magic and joy to its inhabitants. Essentially healing hearts and attitudes, setting them on the proper course before wishing them a fond farewell.

Despite the often subservient and lower class tasks you take upon yourself, you come and go as you please with none dictating your actions or lording over you. You are a servant to all, but a slave to none.

Combat: Goodwives give and take, ask and answer. This is the same for their strategies if Diplomacy and kindness fail them. For her devotion all of creation that wishes for growth and betterment are at her disposal. She is protected by those that love her, both seen and unseen as she defends herself with their borrowed strength. Rarely does a Goodwife wish to slay, but if her opponent threatens even the smallest child she will not stay her hand.

Advancement: The ways of the goodwife is humbleness and dedication to civilization and
its people, the person as well as the populace. She therefore tends to take feats
and spells that buff, protect and defend others.

Resources: Few in all the
world has as many willing to aid her as a Goodwife. The very ground she walks
upon wishes to soften her step and the wind kisses her nose as it passes. This
is not to mention peoples and races elsewhere, many who owe all they have to her
benevolence. She trades favors like others do coins and can call them in from
all creation.

In the World

was a godsend, and the children loved her dearly. You should have seen her playing
along with their little fancies. Kept talking to their imaginary friends and pulling
‘monsters’ out from under the bed. Oh how I laughed. I admit it was a little strange
however when she began apologizing to furniture that creaked… – Mother Leslie
of the Snider Orphanage

Few in the world can find it in their heart to hate a Goodwife. Even evil-aligned beings find themselves taking a shine to her. She doesn’t preach or smite, crusade or proselytize. She simply does what she can to better the world, leading by example, and walking the walk.

Only the most hatefully sadistic can find fault with her, those who detest anything that brings happiness or hints of benevolence.

Otherwise she is almost universally welcomed, for her company as much as her blessings. Comfort and aid she gives freely, and gratefully accepts their help later on, though never expects or requires it.

Daily Life: You live in a new home each day, though it is never yours. You sleep in a warm bed nightly, but it is not your bed. You are invited into homes as a stranger and
leave as a cherished friend. All are sad to see you go, but it is a bittersweet parting. You plant hope within, and from it love and contentment grows.

Even amongst the wilderness the spirits take care of you, and in return you take care of them.


Grandmother Cicily is the most famous of the coven, a goodwife appearing as but a child in the first blushes of womanhood. For her seeming age she is quite tall, and there
is something about her bearing and manner that speaks of an ancient woman. No mere girl could be so poised, so perfect in manner and posture. Yet the enthusiastic energy of her actions is nothing that one of advanced age should be capable.

She is said to be over two thousand years old, and never had a parent after a great calamity destroyed her town. Barely able to speak or walk, she was trapped below in the cellars of her home where her parents hid her. She was born with the Second Sight however and watched the spirits surround her and comfort her. They prepared the food stocked within the pantries, spun her clothes from spiderwebs, and sung to her as she wept in the darkness. They told her stories, and spoke to her of what was beyond the shadows of the candlelight.

For years she remained below until the massed food was nearly gone. Some say luck, others say the spirits guided her, but she was discovered. An elderly woman seeking shelter from a thunderstorm while gathering herbs cleared away the rubble and opened the doors. Within was a painfully thin child, blinking in the light despite its dim, storm-diffused quality. She was pale as death, with eyes too large. The woman gasped as creatures in the thousands formed around the child, of all sizes and shapes, of forms defying casual description. They flitted in and out of her vision, not exactly here or there, but heretofore and whence where.

“No.” the voice said. It was such a soft voice. A voice one could imagine the darkness having. Soft and cold, with iron in it. It came from the girl.

“I cannot be hidden forever. If the dark spirits take me I am taken, but I need a life before they can take it away from me. You have given me a chance, but you cannot give life. This you have told me yourself. “

The creatures became still and silent, as if in acquiescence.

The elderly woman’s mind reeled. Here was a child not even of ten speaking like a wizened philosopher to spirits that bowed before her.

The child came out, tears of pain leaking from her overstimulated eyes. She held out a hand and whispered, “I cannot see. Please, lead me, Grandmother.”

In the end the woman took her into her apothecary in the midst of town, passing her off as the only surviving child of a distant family. The strangeness to her was only enhanced in more natural surroundings. She was so… careful. The racks and shelves of bottles and pots she moved about like a wraith, lest she even rattle them. She would speak to the air, and kiss door frames, and fold her clothes with great solemnity. So perfectly careful and… balanced. She refused shoes entirely, and it was true that she never stubbed her toes. So dainty was her step as well that rarely did it touch the ground but long enough to pick up soil.

In conversation she would tell the most outrageous tales of simple household things, so strange to be coming out of her mouth. Her adopted grandmother however was
enthralled by such stories. It made the time go faster as together they blew glass and shaped clay for the ointments and medicines to be brewed.

herbs the child seem overjoyed to pluck, while others she refused to even approach.
The first time she was shown a mandrake root the child paled and nearly fainted.
She ran as fast as she could from the Spot, calling out in an odd language, and
slapping at trees as she pounded through the woods.

ways for an odd child, but she had a natural sense for the ways of things. Instinctively
picking up on mannerisms, and decorum. Little domestic ceremonies and traditions.
With her perfect manners, grace and care she soon became a favorite of the town,
and even her little oddities seemed more quaint and becoming than strange.

soon took over Grandmother’s outward travels, having learned healing and medicine
as well as she. While not even turned twelve she aided in the delivery of many

It was
upon her 13th year that the neighbors heard a great shattering sound followed
by Cicily’s screams. Running in, they found the young woman curled amongst the
shards of thousands of bottles and vials, sobbing uncontrollably.

lie nearby, slashed in a thousand places.

She sat up and seemed to be speaking to something standing before her.

“I am so sorry, Grandmother. So sorry.” a pause. “It is, they came for me! All gone, all…”

Another pause. “Alright, alright. Oh, I’ll miss you.”

Cicily then stood up, and the crowd gasped. There were shouts of ‘Stand still!’ and ‘We’ll come get you!’ but she ignored them, stepping amongst the glass-strewn floor, each placing of the foot somehow missing the razor edges.

Many came to pay their respects. More than a few asked her into their homes, and she refused politely, but firmly. Afterward none visited long, for after that night the apothecary had gained the the cool, smothering feel of a home long shut up and abandoned. It felt… dead.

Cicily was seen remelting all the glass that had broken, and a week later disappeared. Those that awoke found a small bauble hanging from their doorway and swaying about the street signs. Though none could figure the cause, they instinctively felt it was a gift, and an important one. They were never taken down, and became known as Cicily’s Blessing.

Traveling for centuries, Cicily visited hamlet, town and city, glade and cabin, hermit and caravan. Always long enough to win the heart of the people before leaving again. Always leaving a bauble. She healed and blessed, and every so often a rare orphan was adopted, or a woman of the village would leave with this child that never grew. These women taught others, dedicating themselves to guarding against evil and the dark spirits attracted to misery and hatred.

Thus was born the coven of the Goodwives.

Organizations: Goodwives rarely comes together, always too busy helping others to meet except by accident. It is known to happen however, but only doing so when something of grave import is discovered that is worth them dropping their tasks and responsibilities. A great mansion springs to life around them, and spiritual sentries guard it from entry and eavesdropping. When the coven convenes something threatens great numbers.

they keep in contact through the communal grapevine, leaving verbal messages with
those they aid, which is then imparted when next another goodwife passes through.
As well, their mark always allows them to know which one has recently come by
and who is blessed or who is cursed.

NPC Reaction

Others see a woman of impeccable grooming and bearing, spotlessly clean and every hair in place, every bit of lint plucked from her modest attire. She is seen all over, caring for the sick, tending to the elderly, or midwifing for a difficult delivery, never keeping still. As she passes into each home and building she kisses her fingers and presses them to the doorway. She seems to talk to herself often, and is overly careful with everything she handles. She never gossips, but is instead always overflowing with news of births and deaths, marriages and proposals. Almost all that come from her is positive and hopeful, and ever is she full of advice and stories. Even more than she likes to talk it seems is her interest in listening to others. Those wishing to get something off their chest find her an ever attentive and sympathetic audience.

Once she leaves the entire area seems brighter and more prosperous than before, with few ill events. Many strange ones remain however, singing is heard in the rafters and scramblings underfoot. Sightings of faces and odd creatures are often reported and thieves unconscious on the welcome mat. But somehow everything works out.

Goodwives In the Game

Goodwives are foremost buffers and backups. They are never front-liners, and if possible prefer to never even heft a weapon. They can take the place of bards and rogues to a degree, their ability to gain information or get into nearly any home and stronghold rivaling that of the most cunning thief or legendary performer.

They do their best work off the battlefield, though there are tales of crusading goodwives fighting for their loves ones surrounded by vengeful spirits and wielding weapons that spring to life of their own accord.

Adaptation: Any setting where spirits of land and tree, home and object survive the Goodwife fits in fine. In such campaigns where all divine casters must worship a deity, a generic tie to the wilderness or some all encompassing god of ‘little things’ could suffice. If even this is not enough, it is possible that such deities as Demeter would bless them to have sway over the little people and small powers.

Goodwives are always female due to the natural nurturing instinct and the subsequent ties of life an fertility that they make use of. Good Husbands are discouraged, but potentially possible, but is up to the GM whether the concept properly meshes with that of the Goodwife.

Encounters: Goodwives are as often found in rural communities as bustling cities, often giving aid and comfort. They might be found in the wilds between civilized locales however, in strange but beautiful homes in the middle of nowhere.

Adventurers may find themselves seeking her aid to exorcise a home or question why spirits have become riled in an area. Likewise they may simply be looking for sanctuary or healing from her. Very rarely some governing faction or non-good aligned clergy may hire players to run the goodwife out of town. Perhaps due to a blessing that may have backfired on them once they abused it or the goodwife, or the temples finding her lack of faith in a higher power disruptive or even heretical.

The Eclipse (EL 17)

The dark spirits that destroyed Cicily’s hometown when she was a baby have been following her for years, but with her bringing of emotional and spiritual light to the lives of so many, they have never been capable of killing her. To attempt to destroy her was the cause of her home town being decimated, but the collective spirits of the entire city knew of her special gifts and guarded her. In Grandmother’s house all the care that had been put into the making of its rafters and furniture, the love that blew into the vials to hold life-giving medicines, it sacrificed itself to destroy the evil that the mandrake had whispered to in the darkness, telling where Cicily had fled to.

a thousand years of driving out darkness however she has been surrounded by it.
Within a manor built for her upon a tiny island out upon the lake she resides,
drawing as much as she can to her and away from the towns. They cannot defeat
the defenses of her fortress however, but seek a way within

Undead shadows, taint elementals, and evil fey with the shadow template surround the
lake, and those that venture near it rarely survive it. Those that do are usually
mad with fear and tell horrible tales of what they saw there.

of this location has recently come to the ears of the party, which by now has
been mutated by the insane. Cicily now has the reputation for having going bad
and summoning the creatures to attack and sew fear.


NG Female Human Spirit
Shaman 10/Goodwife 10

Init +3, Senses: Listen +6, Spot 6, Second Sight, Spirit Sense

Languages Common, Sylvan


AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 10

hp 80 (20 HD)

Fort +10, Ref +9, Will +18 (+11/+10/+19 against spells)


Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)

Melee quarterstaff +15/+10/+5 (1d6)

Base Atk +15, Grp +14

Atk Options Chastise Spirits 10d6 dam.

8/day, dancing Weapon,
Genius Loci, Goodwife’s Exorcism, Incite the Spirits, Possessive Possession
Combat Gear


level 20th. (Spells per day: 6/7/7/7/7/6/6/6/4/2; Save DC 15 + spell level):

Create Water, Light, mending

1st – Goodberry, Summon Wild Spirit I, Wood

2nd – Earthfast, Tree Shape, wood

3rd – meld into
, Tremor,
Spirit Jaws

4th – Land Womb, Preservation, scrying

5th – Awaken, commune with nature, Gremlin

6th – Liveoak, Stone
, Summon Wild Spirit VI

7th – Heal, Sunbeam

8th – Earthquake

9th – Elemental Swarm


of the Spirits, Detect Spirits, Follow the Guide, Ghost Warrior, Goodwife’s Blessing,
Guide Magic, Home Spirit, Spirit Form 1/day, Spontaneous Animation, Teraphim Form,
Warding of the Spirits


Strength 8, Dexterity 16, Constitution 10, Intelligence 11, Wisdom 18, Charisma 20

SQ By Oak, Ash and Thorn, Knock
On Wood, Out of the Woodwork, Small Gods, Wild Empathy

Feats Alertness(B),
Born Under the Half Moon, Lightfooted, Magic Device Attunement, Nymph’s Kiss(B),
Practiced Spellcaster, Pure Soul, Sacred
, Second Sight(B), Spirit Sense, Transdimensional

Skills Balance +16, Concentration +16, Diplomacy +15, Craft (alchemy)
+18, Craft (glass blowing) +8, Gather Information +13, Heal +20, Knowledge (local)
+23, Knowledge (nature) +15, Knowledge (religion) +13, Listen +6, Spot +6, Survival +14, Use Magic Device +16



Brownie (Spirit of Integrity)

A tiny man in finely crafted brown clothes steps out of the wardrobe.
Offering: A bowl of porridge with honey each night.
Benefit: A home that has a brownie dwelling within will find that nearly nothing breaks. He will spend the night repairing and fortifying the home and its goods. Everything in the home has its hardness increased by 2 each night. This effect is not cumulative.

Glass no longer breaks easily, nor do items rust or rot. Such spells as Wood Rot or rusting grasp, or any ability that degrades or decreases an object’s hardness, automatically fail. They may also use mending at will.

Pleasantry: If a chair is left unused by any house member or guest, specifically set out for the brownie to sit upon, it will weave an entire garment, stitch a pair of boots, or in some way craft an article of clothing each night. These are considered Masterwork garments, and those that wear them gain a +2 bonus to Charisma-based checks. They do not stain or easily tear. They grant a +1 bonus to armor, though can be worn with other armor and
the benefits stack.

The brownie will not create more than one article of clothing
for any member of the family. If sold the garment does not grant any bonuses,
though is still considered Masterwork.

(Spirit of Charity)

A knock on the door and a wracking cough sounds
outside and a tall, wrinkled woman with warts and a shawl asks if she can come

Offering: A warm place to sleep for the night.
Benefit: A cronemother
allowed within will lend a hand within the home. For as long as she stays there
is always enough clean water left to satisfy the household and just enough oats
to make a nourishing gruel. If the excess gruel or water is sold it immediately
turns to phlegm. However, if it is given to others in need, the one who gave up
their share will find a tasty cake or bit of smoky meat in their pocket. Those
that give away their meal for the treat however find the cronemother has spat
within it instead.
Pleasantry: If one leaves tobacco for the cronemother’s
pipe each night for a week, at the end of that week the nightly meal acts and
tastes as a Heroes Feast.

(Spirit of Clarity)

Loud psalms and endless stomping and banging
sounds from the darkest places of the home.
Offering: A bowl of strong
ginger beer
Benefit: Dirwergens hate darkness and haunted silences.
Shadows seems less dark and threatening with the dirwergen about. There is no
true darkness, even the deepest shadows becoming as dim illumination. His voice
dispels silence and darkness effects if he succeeds on an opposed caster level
check (equal to Goodwive’s HD). However, Listen checks are made at a -4 penalty.
Pleasantry: A Dirwergen loves music or a good chat. If you spend an hour each day in conversation
and/or performing the Dirwergen will ward the house against creatures from the
Plane of Shadow. outsiders with the evil alignment are deafened and may not possess
any item or being. Nor may ghosts, who cannot manifest within such a home, being
forced to remain within the Ethereal

(Spirit of Warmth)

A hairy man covered in ashes rises from the coals
of the hearth.
Offering: Bread in a bowl of milk every morning.
Benefit: All within the home are effected as by an endure elements spell, which seems
to be toasty warm year round, but never above or below comfort. Creatures with
the cold subtype cannot enter a house tended by a domovoi. The Goodwife or owner
of the home may lift the protection to allow such a creature within, but the domovoi
will leave and cannot be enticed to return for 24 hours. Spells with the cold
descriptor can be cast at only half caster level. As well, there is a 20% chance
that any such spell fizzles uselessly.
Pleasantry: As long as no flame
is manually and purposely extinguished in the house for 24 hours a Domovoi can
be called to tell of an event destined to occur within the home, or to a resident
or guest to the home, once a day by staring into the flames. This prediction is
only good out to 1d4 days. If a specially seasoned log costing 50 gp is provided
he may use Augery. If a flame is extinguished the domovoi will not predict again
for a week.

(Spirit of Peace)

A small white bird flies out from amongst the
Offering: A mirror set high on the wall.

Benefit: Whenever
an argument begins, or a fight starts all within the home are effected as by calm
. As well, if anything as loud as a shout occurs the individual is affect
as by a silence spell until they lower their voice.
Pleasantry: A dove
of peace dislikes even the hint of aggression or violence. If the inhabitants
of the homes forgoes eating any meat they will guard the home from attack. Those
that venture within with violent intent fall asleep. This sleep lasts as long
as they are within the home. The sleeping individual is protected from harm as

(Spirit of Rest)

A monstrous weaver spider crawls out from under
the bed and begins weaving a web.

Offering: A wedge of blue cheese every night.
Benefit: Fear effects do not function within a home guarded by a dreamcatcher. This does
not include Intimidate checks. As well, creatures associated with bad dreams,
such as a Night Hag or Quori are warded from entering. Unpleasant dream-based
spells, such as nightmare, cannot reach one sleeping beneath a dreamcatcher’s
Pleasantry: If offered silver sand a dreamweaver will Listen to
your dreams and give you a prediction as if it had the Dreamtelling feat (Heroes
of Horror, p. 122). A dreamweaver has ranks in the appropriate skill checks to
make a prediction equal to 4 + Goodwife’s HD.

(Spirit of Fertility)

There is the sound of droning bees and a nude
woman large with child rises up from a patch of suddenly blooming wildflowers.

A window always left open with a bowl of mead on the sill.
Benefit: Plants are effected as by the enrichment quality of the plant
spell, except
it only effects edible and fruit/vegetable producing plants within 10 feet of
the home per Goodwife level. All animals, lifestock and similar have twice their
normal litter size while a honeydew remains within.
Pleasantry: A solemn
promise may be made with a honeydew who can grant a childless couple the ability
to conceive. The honeydew must be allowed to be the midwife, for it is her influence
that keeps the children from being stillborn. The first birth is always twins.
The promise is that the second child born is granted to the honeydew to raise
as her own child within the orchards of her home. This child is always female
and grows to become a honeydew in its own right. If the parents will not release
the child it will slowly grow sicker as it is unable to grow properly without
the attention of the honeydew.

(Spirit of Joy)

There is the sound of raucous laughter, and a strange
bird flies in through the window, becoming a very short, overweight man with a
long blue nose and twinkling eyes.
Offering: A candle lit atop a seed

Benefit: Spirits rise and and even the darkest situations are seen with
a humorous light. Jokes and funny tales spring to one’s lips. Pain and depression
are not felt within a home inhabited by a kookabura, and such effects do not function,
such as those from crushing
, or abilities and effects that lower or remove
morale. Perform checks are made at a +2 bonus, or +4 bonus if its Perform (comedy).
Pleasantry: If no one laughs at the kookabura, but with it, and don a long, false nose while
within the household, the kookabura will try its utmost to keep everyone happy.
This produces a sort of comforting euphoria that nulls extra damage from critical
hits and sneak attacks.

(Spirit of Protection)

All the dust of the home lifts up and coalesces,
as wine streams from the cup, coming together and forming into a lean, muscular humanoid clad in leather armor.
Offering: Slice of roasted pork and
a glass of wine. Afterwards a drop of wine on the shrine or idol with every dinner.
Benefit: Once per day per Goodwife level, if the home comes under attack, or the household
threatened, the Lares will attack. The attack deals 2d6 damage, plus additional
damage equal to the Goodwive’s Charisma mod. This damage is not affected by DR or Hardness.
It’s attack bonus is equal to the Goodwife’s HD + Charisma mod, and is considered a
touch attack, bypassing armors. The attack will continue until the household’s
enemy leaves or asks for mercy. The Lare will then stab them in the heart, which
does no damage. If ever the enemy enters the home with malice in his heart he
must succeed on a Will save (10 + PrC level + Charisma mod) or be instantly reduced
to 0 hp. He is left conscious but stable. On a failed save he still takes damage
as if from an attack.
Pleasantry: If an entire pig is offered, a Lare
will forge a shield which acts as a light steel shield with a permanent Protection
from Evil
while held. This shield lasts for a week. A lare will not construct
more than one shield at a time.

(Spirit of Respect)

There is an eerie cry that sounds vaguely like
the words ‘whip poor will’ and a small nondescript bird of dull colors circles
once before landing and clinging to the wall.
Offering: A lantern that
must never be allowed to go out.
Benefit: Those in the household gain
the benefits of the Spirit Sense whenever within their home and can see creatures
hiding within the Ethereal
. They also gain a +1 bonus against Death effects.
Pleasantry: If the Waguli is built a special nest of human hair and yew branches, somewhere
where it is dark even in the daytime (being a nocturnal spirit), it will trap
any spirit that attempts to leave the house. This may be an creature with the
Spirit Shaman definition, or the departing spirit of the recently deceased. The
latter is akin to a Spirit Sense effect, except there is no time limit. If the
departing spirit was of good alignment and wishes to leave, the Waguli will let
it depart after a single question, even if it goes against the wishes of the household.

bodies of those that die, or objects broken beyond repair in the home must be
given a funeral or ritually burned or the Waguli will leave. Another Waguli cannot
be summoned for a week.

(Spirit of Success)

The grains and whirls of deadwood, or the ridges
and knobs of a tree settle into the semblance of a kindly old face.
Offering: A lively tattoo beaten upon some wood.

Benefit: Those within this home
seem to have unusual luck. Each member of the household may re-roll any roll once
per day with a +2 bonus after knowing the result by using a free action to knock
on wood. Wood within the home becomes fire-proof, even cooking wood, requiring
other substances, such as coal.
Pleasantry: Each day the Waldgeist will
play a harmless prank on each of the household. Tripping them, coaxing a spider
into their bed, shifting a doorway to the other side of the room. As long as the
jest is taken in good spirit and the individual does not curse, the Waldgeist
will allow them to take 20 on a single roll that day.

In addition, once per
day if one spends 1d4 minutes tracing a woodgrain or root, which is alike to a
gentle caress, the comforted Waldgeist will tell them the quickest path to a goal.
This acts as a find
the path

Newt (Spirit of Purity)

A small white newt surfaces within the offering
Offering: A well, spring, washtub or similar offered as a resting
Benefit: All poisons brought within the home are nullified and
lose their properties permanently. This includes vials, poisoned food or water,
envenomed weapons and similar all become harmless, even if removed from the household.
Even venomous creatures cannot inject poison, and even after leaving require 24
hours before they can poison again. All food and drink is affected as by Purify
Food and Drink. Hard drinks however are rendered flat. They can be drank, but
lose their alcoholic properties. Those currently taking damage from poison are
also purified, though their damage is not healed.
Pleasantry: Each day
lavender is added to a wellspring newt’s water it may use cure critical wounds once.

(Spirit of Faithfulness)

An excited yipping and barking is heard
and a lovably ugly hairless dog with squinted eyes bounds inside…
Offering: A large bone every evening.
Benefit: A xoloesquintle is a loyal
canine from the spirit realms who guards against evil spirits. They ward the home
against any considered a spirit (see Spirit Shaman definition), who cannot enter.
As well, if anyone or anything tries to enter the home unbidden the xolo will
awaken the head of the household.

Once a xolo attaches itself to a home it
will not willingly leave even if asked to, and will chase away other small gods
that attempt to take its place. Only a 9th level goodwife can forcefully eject
the xolo or entice it to accept another small god in the household.
Pleasantry: Unlike most spirits a Xolo is incredibly loyal to a family it is summoned
to, without need for particular gifts or enticements. As long as there has been
no attempt to eject it from the household, but instead praised and thanked, it
will protect them even after death.

If one of good alignment would be taken
down to a lower plane due to a curse, deal with a devil, or any ability that would
damn a soul, the Xolo will lead their soul away to be hidden within the spirit
realm before it can be claimed. Their spirit is as a ghost, though without any
ability to be seen or heard. If there is any attempt to resurrect them the xolo
will lead it back to the body, allowing them to return to life without level loss.

(Spirit of Prosperity)

A laughing child with red face and bobbed
hair runs in through the front door with delighted laughter.
Offering: A boiled sweet every night and a new toy each week.

Benefit: There is a feeling
of camaraderie and holiday in the home where a zashiki-warashi lives. Diplomacy and Bluff checks are made with a +4 bonus.
Pleasantry: If you read a
story or sing a lullaby every night, and scold the Zashiki-warashi every morning,
it will show itself and charm any visitor to the home towards it, the house, and
its inhabitants. The slightest hint of violence against the charmed visitor however
breaks the effect. If the visitor has one on its person it will leave the Zashiki-warashi
a copper or silver coin (whatever is lower). The spirit will then stick it under
the pillow of the head of the family that night. However, if any should try to
take the coin from the Zashiki-warashi before then, it will rebel, and refuse
to give it, or charm future visitors, though it will steal from them the most
valuable object or coin on their person and refuse to give it back. It will then
horde coins, gems and any valuable object it finds within the house and hide it
away until a special meal is made in its honor. It will then relent. Upon a second
infraction against it it will leave the home and another Zashiki-warashi will
not take its place for 24 hours.


Sight [General]
Prerequisites: Wisdom 15, Spot 8 ranks, *Spirit

*Heroes of Horror, p. 124
Benefit: You can see things that
are naturally unseen. For instance, creatures or objects with natural or inherent invisibility can now be seen by you normally. Such creatures include a Phantom
Fungus or Invisible Stalker, as well as Teraphim. This does not apply to creatures
with access to spell lists that grant them invisibility. If the creature is invisible
by other means, such as spells and similar, or upon the Ethereal
, you cannot
see them, though automatically succeed on a Spot check to sense their presence,
though cannot pinpoint their location through use of this feat.
Special: As long as you maintain Concentration you automatically know when you are
not seeing something real. For instance you know when something is an illusion
or in an altered shape that is not natural form. You sense the outline of the
creature, object or landscape’s true shape. It is too vague and shadowy to make
out details however, and must still succeed on your save against illusions, but
you know when it is a farce.

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