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Giant Killer

Schwind, Moritz von Rübezahl Year 1859, Giant Killer
Schwind, Moritz von Rübezahl Year 1859

Giants wreak havoc upon civilisation, destroying entire villages with merely their steps. Some take it upon themselves to rid the world of these towering menaces: They are called giantkillers.

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To qualify to become a giantkiller (Gik), a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Base Attack Bones: +5.
Skills: Hide 8, Listen 4, Move Silently 6, Spot 4, Survival 4.
Feats: Toughness, Track.
Special: The character must have Giant as a Favored Enemy.

Game Rule Information

Giantkillers have the following game statistics.
Hit Die: d10.
Class Skills: The giantkiller’s class skills are Bluff (Charisma), Climb (Strength), Craft (Intelligence), Handle Animal (Charisma), Hide (Dexterity), Intimidate (Charisma), Jump (Strength), Knowledge (nature) (Intelligence), Listen (Wisdom), Move Silently (Dexterity), Profession (Wisdom), Ride (Dexterity), Search (Intelligence), Spot (Wisdom), Survival (Wisdom), Swim (Strength), Tumble (Dexterity), and Rope Use(Charisma).

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the giantkiller prestige class.

Weapons and Armor Proficiency: Giantkillers gain no additional proficiency with any weapon or armor.

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecial
1st+1+2+0+0Flight of the Wee, Know Your Prey
2nd+2+3+0+0Damage Reduction 1/-, Chain of Fingers
3rd+3+3+1+1Know Your Prey
4th+4+4+1+1Damage Reduction 2/-
5th+5+4+1+1Know Your Prey, Giantslayer

Flight of the Wee: The giantkiller is adept at dodging the blows of his giant creatures. He enjoys a Dodge bonus to his AC equal to his levels in giantkiller against creatures at least one size category larger than he and at least Large. This is extraordinary.

Know Your Prey [1st/3rd/5th level]: To hunt his prey, he must know his prey. At the indicated levels, the giantkiller gains a cumulative +1 bonus to damage rolls against Giants, a +2 bonus on saving throws against the spell-like abilities of Giants, and a +2 bonus to Bluff, Hide, Knowledge (nature), Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks when the subject or target is Giants. This extraordinary ability stacks with Favored Enemy bonuses.

Damage Reduction [2nd/4th level]: The giantkiller can shrug of some of the damage from each blow. Subtract 1 from the damage he takes each time he is dealt damage from a weapon or natural attack. At 4th level, the giantkiller subtracts 2 points from each attack. This is an extraordinary ability.

Chain of Fingers [3rd level]: The gaintkiller can empower himself with the remnants of his prey. He may string the severed fingers of at least four Giant creatures that he has slain, all of the same type (frost giants, fire giants, ogres, etc.), into a gruesome chain. Crafting a chain of fingers requires one day and the appropriate number of fingers. Whenever he wears the chain of fingers, he enjoys a +2 bonus to attack rolls against that particular Giant creature; this morale bonus takes effect 1 hour after the chain is donned but ends if the chain is removed. The giantkiller may own any number of chains of fingers but may only wear one at a time. This is extraordinary.

Giantslayer [5th level]: With a single strike, the giantkiller can kill the strongest giant. By studying a giant for 3 rounds and then striking that creature within 3 additional rounds when it is denied its Dexterity bonus to AC, he forces the Giant to succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 + giantkiller level + Intelligence modifier) or be instantly slain. Whether the targeted giant makes its save or not, the giantkiller also deals weapon damage normally. This otherwise functions as the assassin’s extraordinary Death Attack.

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