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Beast Whisperer

Beast Whisperer, Pisanello (1395-1455) Title The Luxury Date 1420s Medium drawing
Pisanello (1395-1455) Title The Luxury Date 1420s Medium drawing

The Quintessential Druid

Author Robin O. Duke

Series The Quintessential Series

Publisher Mongoose Publishing

Publish date 2002

In many ways, the druid‘ ability to speak to animals, plants and beasts is the cornerstone of their power. From the sacred groves to lone druid deep in the wilderness, animal companions aid and protect the druid. When the druid order needs to call on a lot of animal assistance, they use the services of a beast whisperer. Any animal that sets eyes on the beast whisperer is immediately subject to his incredible animal charms. The beast whisperer has refined his ability to befriend other creatures until animals, small and large, surround him. Many are merely enthralled by his presence; given the opportunity, they will break his spell and make their way back into the wilderness. Others are his true and tested friends, his companions for life.

Hit Dice: d8


To become a beast whisperer, a character must fulfil the following criteria:
Animal Empathy: 10 ranks. Handle Animal: 10 ranks.
Feats: Extra Companions.
Spells: The ability to cast animal friendship.

Class Skills

The beast whisperer’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Animal Empathy (Charisma, exclusive skill), Climb (Strength), Handle Animal (Charisma), Heal (Wisdom), Hide (Dexterity), Intuit Direction (Wisdom), Knowledge (nature) (Intelligence), Jump (Strength), Listen (Wisdom), Spellcraft (Intelligence), Spot (Wisdom), Swim (Strength) and Wilderness Lore (Wisdom).

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.

Beast Whisperer
Class LevelBase AttackFort SaveRef Save Will Save Special CompanionCapacity Spells Per Day
1+0+0+0+2Gaze of the Beastx 2+1 druid level
2+1+0+0+3speak with animalsx 3+1 druid level
3+2+1+1+3Beast Affinityx 4+1 druid level
4+3+1+1+4Inspire Mightx 5+1 druid level
5+3+1+1+4Howl of the Wolfx 6+1 druid level

Class Features

The following are all the class features of the beast whisperer prestige class:

Weapon and Armour Proficiency: The beast whisperer gains no proficiency in any weapon or armour. The character must abide by the normal druid strictures against the use of certain weapons and armour once he takes levels in this prestige class.

Companion Capacity: A normal druid multiplies his caster level by 2 to determine the total number of Hit Dice of befriended animals he can have at any one time. The beast whisperer instead multiplies his caster level by the indicated number to calculate the total Hit Dice of befriended animals he can have. This increase in capacity does not apply to the maximum Hit Dice for any one creature under the influence of the beast whisperer; this is still limited to twice the beast whisperer’s caster level. A beast whisperer generally has more companions than a normal druid but his companions are no more powerful.

Druidic Membership: All beast whisperers are members of the druidic order, even if they have no druid levels. They must abide by the restrictions and receive the benefits of joining the order.

Gaze of the Beast: The beast whisperer develops such a strong affinity for natural creatures that he develops a gaze attack that causes any creature he stares at, or that lays eyes on him, to immediately become enthralled as though under the influence of an ‘animal friendship’ spell (DC 11 + the beast whisperer’s Charisma modifier). This effect lasts as long as the creature is within line of sight of the beast whisperer and for an addition 1d6 hours thereafter. If the beast whisperer desires to eat the creature, abuse him or in some other way would not want to be friends with it, the effects of the power are negated. The creatures under the influence of this supernatural power do not count towards the maximum Hit Dice the beast whisperer can have as animal companions at any one time.

As a full-round action, the beast whisperer can force a saving throw on any creature he can see in the normal manner for a gaze attack. If the animal fails its saving throw under
these circumstances, the beast whisperer can choose to have the animal become one of his permanent animal companions as though he had actually cast ‘animal friendship’ on the creature. The animal, under these circumstances, applies against the beast whisperer’s maximum companion capacity.

Speak with animals: The beast whisperer can comprehend and communicate with any animal. He is able to ask questions of and receives answers from animals, although this does not make animals any more friendly or co-operative than normal.

Beast Affinity: The beast whisper’s powers can extend to beasts as well as animals. When a beast whisperer reaches 3rd level, both the Gaze of the Beast and speak with animals powers now apply to beasts in addition to animals.

Inspire Might: The beast whisperer can inspire a rush of energy in any of his companions that can see him. Only true companions can be affected by this power. Creatures under the temporary influence of Gaze of the Beast do not qualify but those permanently affected do. Any eligible creature within 30 ft. of the beast whisperer that can see him receives a +4 bonus to its Strength. Using this supernatural ability is a standard action and the effects last for ten rounds.

Howl of the Wolf: The beast whisper who reaches 5th level can influence all the animals of a specific type in an area, temporally making them all his friends. This power is named after its most common manifestation, that of the howling beast whisperer calling a pack of wolves to aid him. The power can affect all the animals of a specific type within five miles of the whisperer, including dire or similar variants. The beast whisperer must make some sound suitable to the animal he wishes to affect, whistling for birds, howling for a Wolf etc.

All the suitable animals within five miles must make a saving throw as though under the effects of Gaze of the Beast. Any creatures successfully affected by this power immediately know the location of the beast whisperer and will make their way to aid him as quickly as they are able. The effects of this power last for 2d4 days.

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