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Liver-Eating Johnson

John “Liver-Eating” Johnson, born John Jeremiah Garrison Johnston  a mountain man of the American Old West.

Johnson is said to have been born with the last name Garrison, in a Tavern . He served aboard a fighting ship. After striking an officer, he deserted, changed his name to John Johnston,and traveled west to try his hand at gold digging.

His wife, a member of the Flathead American Indian tribe, was killed by a young Crow brave and his fellow hunters, which prompted Johnson to embark on a vendetta against the tribe. He killed and scalped more than 300 Crow Indians and then devoured their livers” to avenge the death of his wife, and “As his reputation and collection of scalps grew, Johnson became an object of fear.”

Accounts say that he would cut out and eat the liver of each Crow killed. This led to his being known as “Liver-Eating Johnson”. While on a foray of over five hundred miles (800 km) in the winter to sell whiskey to his Flathead kin, he was ambushed by a group of Blackfoot warriors. The Blackfoot planned to sell him to the Crow, his mortal enemies. He was stripped to the waist, tied with leather thongs and put in a teepee with one guard. Johnson managed to break through the straps. He then knocked out the guard with a kick, took his knife and scalped him. He escaped into the woods and fled to the cabin of Del Gue, his trapping partner, a journey of about two hundred miles (320 km).

Eventually, Johnson made peace with the Crow, who became “his brothers”, and his personal vendetta against them finally ended after 25 years and scores of slain Crow warriors. The West, however, was still a very violent and territorial place

In his time, he was a sailor, scout, soldier, gold seeker, hunter, trapper, woodhawk, whiskey peddler, guide, deputy, constable, and log cabin builder, taking advantage of any source of income-producing labor he could find.

Jeremiah Johnson is a 1972 film by Sydney Pollack starring Robert Redford[10] depicting his life.

Liver-Eating Johnson, By Unknown author -, Public Domain,
By Unknown author –, Public Domain,
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