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Waxing Health

moon, full moon, sky, Waxing Health

For the duration of the spell, as long as you are standing in moonlight, you possess the special quality of fast healing 5.

Relics & Rituals: Olympus

© 2004 White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Distributed for Sword and Sorcery Studios by White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

By W. Jason Peck, Aaron Rosenberg, Christina Stiles and Relics & Rituals: Olympus team

Conjuration [Healing]

Level: Moon 7
Components: V, S, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 10 minutes/level

  • You regain five hit points at the beginning of each turn that moonlight touches you. If you have taken both lethal and nonlethal damage, the nonlethal damage is healed first.
  • Waxing health does not allow you to regrow or reattach lost body parts.

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