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Phineus’ Writhing Tentacles

Octopus Tentacles Sucker Seafood  - andrew_t8 / Pixabay, Phineus' Writhing Tentacles
andrew_t8 / Pixabay

Whenever anyone but one touches or opens the protected book, writhing gray tentacles emerge from the ground in a 5 ft. radius centered on the book.

Ink and Quill  
Author Thomas Knauss
Series Dragonwing Games/Bastion Press
Publisher DWBP
Publish date 2002


Level: Sorcerer, Wizard 4
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Target: 1 touched book
Duration: 1 hour/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: None

The spell creates 1d4 tentacles, plus an additional tentacle per caster level up to a maximum of fifteen tentacles. For example, an 8th level wizard creates 1d4+8 tentacles. Each tentacle is 20 feet long (Huge) and saves as you do. It has an AC 16, 1 hit point/per caster level and an attack bonus of +1/per caster level.

The tentacles are immune to the same effects as constructs. The tentacles attack as mindless creatures, randomly striking anything, including anything larger than a tiny object. On a successful hit, the tentacles deliver 1d4 points of damage, and also secrete thin, black mucous through their porous skin. Any creature struck by one of the tentacles must make a successful Reflex save DC16 or be blinded by the foul liquid for 1d6 rounds. The tentacles are immobile, and once summoned remain in existence for 1 round/per caster level or until slain, whichever occurs first.

The DC for a rogue using her Search skill to detect Phineus’ writhing tentacles is 29.

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