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Mirror Walking

By Daderot - Own work, Public Domain,, Mirror Walking
By Daderot – Own work, Public Domain,

‘Mirror Walking’ – You or the one you touch may pass through any mirror or reflecting surface of sufficient size onto the Plane of Mirrors.

(Manual of the Planes)  
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Level: Cleric 5, Sorcerer, Wizard 7,
Components: V, S, AF,
Casting Time: 1 full round
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched, and see text
Duration: Special
Spell Resistance: Yes

  • The mirror must be large enough for the creature touched to fit through, as if it were a window or other opening. The spell lasts until the subject passes through a mirror again, either the same mirror or a related one.
  • On the Plane of Mirrors, you will find other windows that represent similar mirrors tied together by some strong bond. Frequently they were all made by the same artisan, but mirrors with particularly strong-willed owners or mirrors made at a particular historic moment may also be tied together. When on the Plane of Mirrors, you can see through these other mirrors without being seen, allowing you to spy on others.
  • You can reach through the mirror to grab items that are within easy reach, or even grapple with someone within arm’s reach of the mirror. A grappled individual will be drawn onto the Plane of Mirrors and becomes a new subject of the mirror walk spell. For each subject, the mirror walk spell ends when a second mirror is passed through.
  • Other mirrorwalkers aren’t affected.
  • Using the mirror walk spell is not without danger. When you travel to a Plane of Mirrors, you create a mirror-self that will try to slay you and escape through the mirror to take over your life.

Focus: A mirror or other reflective surface of sufficient size to step through.

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