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Minor Disguise

Decoration Religion Traditional Art  - YourDSLRdotcom / Pixabay, Minor Disguise
YourDSLRdotcom / Pixabay

You use magic to make minor, cosmetic changes in your appearance.

(Magic of Faerun)  
Originally posted on D&D tools


Level: Bard 0,
Components: V, S,
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Duration: 1 hour

The spell does not change the actual structure of either your features or body. It can add color to hair, paint wrinkles on your face, give you a scar, or darken your teeth.

This spell gives you a +2 competence bonus on a single Disguise check made during its duration, and the bonus ends at the end of the spell’s duration if not already used. This bonus does not stack with the bonus from either alter self or change self.

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