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Megalodon Empowerment

By Alekshandr -, Public Domain,, Megalodon Empowerment
By Alekshandr –, Public Domain,

The mighty megalodon is a terror to most things that swim. However, it is also undeniably perfect in its form, made to be the ultimate hunting machine. When this spell is cast, you take on some of the essence of this greatest of sharks.

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Level: Druid 8, Seafolk 7,
Components: V, S, M,
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 hour/level or 1 round/level (D)

  • You become a predator without peer, capable of finding and destroying your prey.
  • When the spell is initially cast, you take what is called the Form of the Hunter: your features undergo a subtle change, becoming more angular.
  • Your skin darkens to a blue-black hue and becomes slightly rough to the touch.
  • Your sense of smell sharpens, granting you the Scent special ability and a +10 racial bonus to Survival checks for the purpose of tracking by Scent.
  • Additionally, your swim speed increases by 10 feet; if you do not already possess a swim speed then you gain a swim speed equal to your normal land movement.
  • You also gain the ability to breathe water. You can retain this form for up to 1 hour per caster level (as noted above).
  • At any time during the spell’s duration, you can shift into the terrible Form of the Killer as a standard action.
  • Doing so dramatically reduces the remaining time of the spell, however, reducing it to 1 round per caster level, regardless of how much time was originally remaining.
  • In the Form of the Killer, you swell in size, increasing by one size category (see page 291 of the Monster Manual for guidelines on changes to abilities and traits for such a change).
  • You retain the Scent and swim speed benefits of the Form of the Hunter, and the rough hide of the megalodon fully manifests – those who strike you with unarmed or natural attacks must make a Reflex save or take 1d4 points of damage.
  • You also gain bite and claw natural attacks and are considered to have the Multiattack feat for the purpose of using them.
  • These natural attacks deal damage according to your new size (see page 296 of the Monster Manual for details): for a Medium caster, this gives a bite attack for 1d8 points of damage and two claw attacks for 1d6 points of damage).
  • Finally, your base attack bonus equals your character level, you gain a +4 natural armor bonus (in addition to that gained from the size increase), and you gain a +3 competence bonus on Fortitude and Reflex saves.
  • You lose the ability to cast spells (but not to use spell-like abilities).
  • If you possess the wild shape ability, you can assume the shapes of animals one size category larger than normal.
  • Assuming the Form of the Killer lasts for the duration of the spell – once it has been done, you cannot return to the Form of the Hunter without recasting.

Material Component: A potion of water breathing and three teeth from a shark of at least Large size.

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