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Magickal Creation (Thaumatogenesis)

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By means of this spell a new life form can be created purely from magic. Unlike Magickal Conception, which takes exsiting life force and shapes into a new life, Magickal Creation uses only magic.

Liber Mysterium

The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks

By Timothy S. Brannan and The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks Team


Level: Witch 9, Cleric 9, Fertility,
Components: V S M DF XP
Casting Time: 2 hours
Range: Close
Target, Effect, Area: One creature
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw:
Will negates; see below
Spell Resistance: No

This spell maybe used to impregnate a female or even a male subject. Typically a female subject is used since is most cases (95% of the time) the impregnated male dies in the birth process.

The casting of this spell takes two hours, during which time the caster must be not interrupted. The casting witch must be able to see the target of the spell, either directly or by scrying. The target, if willing, gains no saving throw, but an unwilling target if aware of the spell can make a Will save. A target unaware of the casting must become aware of the situation before they can save. Many charlatans play on the paranoid nature of many and sell talismans that protect against this spell.

Since this is using the stuff of magic to produce a life the spell always works (given a passing DC of 10 plus or minus normal modifiers) and produces a living life form. What sort of life form produced is indicated by the table below.

D%Outcome of birth
1-25The child is born with only the mother’s traits.
26-50The child is born with both the traits of the mother and the caster
51-60The child is born a Tiefling, with both the mothers and casters traits.
61-70The child is born a Tiefling, with only the mothers traits.
71-80The child is born an Aasimar, with both the mother and casters traits.
81-90The child is born an Aasimar, with only the mothers traits.
91-95The child is born with the half fiend template, with only the mothers traits.
96-100The child is born with the half-celestial template, with only the mothers traits.

By increasing the casting DC to 20 the caster then can control the outcome of the birth.

Gestation depends on the species of the mother, but time in months is often reduced to time in hours. So if the mother is human then nine months of pregnancy is reduced to nine hours. Then minimum time is two hours.

Material Components: Root Agaric, Basil, Figs and Mandrake root (harvested only by the new moon) are combined into a paste, dried and burned. An athame and a cup, symbolizing male and female powers to direct the spell are required as the divine focuses. The caster also pays 2,000 xp in life force for this spell.

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