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woman, girl, secret, Fascinate

The recipient of this enchantment need only glance into the eyes of her intended target in order to cause the victim to become intrigued and infatuated with her.

The Lore of the Gods
Book One: The Greek Gods  
Lead Designers Steven Creech and Kevin Ruesch Lead Editor Steven Schend Creative Director Jim Butler
Art Director Todd Morasch Artwork Aaron D. Siddal

Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting]

Level: Cleric 3, Bard 3
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Target: 1 creature
Duration: 1 hour/ level
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

The target must roll a Will save to resist the effect. If he fails, the victim cannot keep his eyes off the recipient and cannot concentrate on anything else while she is within sight.

The recipient gains a +10 circumstance bonus to all Bluff, Intimidate, Gather Information and Diplomacy checks in regards to the spell’s victim.

The victim desires the recipient and becomes jealous if she has anyone else close to her, but he will never willingly do anything to bring her harm.

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