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Crossbreed, genetic modification, mutant, mutation

The world is full of living magical creations. Some have occurred naturally over time, others have been aided by this spell.

Liber Mysterium

The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks

By Timothy S. Brannan and The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks Team


Level: Witch 8, Cleric 8, Fertility,
Components: V S M DF
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: Visualized or Touch
Target, Effect, Area: One target
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell allows two species that a naturally cross-infertile to bare offspring. Both species must be living and able to reproduce on their own. The base chance for the spell’s success is a DC of 10, all of the normal modifications do apply plus these additional ones.

Species Cross fertilityConception DC
Naturally cross fertile 10 Same type, not naturally cross fertile, (ex: humanoid mammal to humanoid mammal, i.e. dwarf and gnome)15
Type differs by one (ex: humanoid mammal to humanoid reptile, i.e. Human and Lizardman )20
Type differs by more (ex: humanoid mammal to monstrous beast, i.e. Human and Hydra)30
DC Modifers (cumulative)
Size differs between the parents+1 for each level of difference
One parent is a dwarf, gnome or halfling+1 (for each parent)
One parent is a magical creation+2 (for each parent)
One parent is an aberration+3 (for each parent)
One parent is a goblin, orc or troll-1 (for each parent)
One parent is a humanoid outsider-1 (for each parent)
Any base creature that can grant a “half-” template (i.e. half-fiend, half-celestial, half-dragon)-2 (for each parent)

Examples: If this spell were used to make say a half-elf an elf and a human would be needed. Since elves and humans are naturally cross-fertile the DC is 10. Since both are medium sized humanoids no alterations need to be made. The caster can at this point ·take a 10· and produce a half-elf.

The caster now wants to crossbreed a half-fiend troll (large giant, outsider) with a troglodyte (medium reptilian humanoid). The base DC is 20. The modifications are +1 for size differences, and -1 since one is a troll, and -1 again since it is a humanoid outsider, leaving a DC of 19. The GM decides that the fiendish nature of the troll leads to better cross breeding with others and grants another -2 to the DC for a total of 17.

Other factors: Dragons despite their differences appear to be at least somewhat cross-fertile with humanoids, given the existence of sorcerers. Outsiders, magical beasts and aberrations should be dealt with on a case by case basis. The modifiers above are meant as guidelines.

Conception: The conception process can either take place normally or by the means of Magickal Conception above. Obviously for crossbreed to work two parents are required.

The outcome of birth is determined by the amount rolled over the DC calculated above.

Birth ResultOver DC
Stillborn0 (or lower)
Alive, serious deformities, infertile1-5
Alive, minor deformities, infertile6-10
Alive, no deformities, infertile11-20
As above, breeds true with either type of parent, but infertile with others of it’s kind.21-30
As above, new true species created, fertile with others of it’s own kind and both types of parents.31+

Material Components: The divine focus is a wand made out of wood that was grafted to another tree. Typically a branch of apple or peach is grafted to a tree of oak or hawthorn and allowed to grow for one month. The wand is non-magical, but it does have special properties for this spell. The wand can only be used once. Each parent is also given specially prepared apples and figs to eat. To cut the fruits a special boline must be crafted. This knife can have no other purpose. Cost for these materials are 500 gp.

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