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Animate Rope

knot, red knot, red, Animate Rope

You can animate a nonliving ropelike object. The maximum length assumes a rope with a 1-inch diameter.

This material is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a.

Level Bard 1, Sorcerer/Wizard    1
Components V, S
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target One ropelike object, length up to 50 ft. + 5 ft./level; see text
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw None
Spell Resistance No

Reduce the maximum length by 50% for every additional inch of thickness, and increase it by 50% for each reduction of the rope’s diameter by half.

The possible commands are “coil” (form a neat, coiled stack), “coil and knot,” “loop,” “loop and knot,” “tie and knot,” and the opposites of all of the above (“uncoil,” and so forth). You can give one command each round as a move action, as if directing an active spell.

The rope can enwrap only a creature or an object within 1 foot of it-it does not snake outward-so it must be thrown near the intended target. Doing so requires a successful ranged touch attack roll (range increment 10 feet). A typical 1- inch-diameter hempen rope has 2 hit points, AC 10, and requires a DC 23 Strength check to burst it. The rope does not deal damage, but it can be used as a trip line or to cause a single opponent that fails a Reflex saving throw to become entangled. A creature capable of spellcasting that is bound by this spell must make a DC 15 Concentration check to cast a spell. An entangled creature can slip free with a DC 20 Escape Artist check.

The rope itself and any knots tied in it are not magical.

This spell grants a +2 bonus on any Rope Use checks you make when using the transmuted rope.

The spell cannot animate objects carried or worn by a creature.

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