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remembering, recall, remember, Amnesia

This spell causes the target to forget who he is and where he is from.

Relics & Rituals: Olympus  
© 2004 White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Distributed for Sword and Sorcery Studios by White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
By W. Jason Peck, Aaron Rosenberg, Christina Stiles and Relics & Rituals: Olympus team


Level: Bard 4, Sorcerer/Wizard 5
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One person
Duration: 1 week/level
Saving Throw: Will partial
Spell Resistance: Yes

He remembers all of his skills and abilities, but cannot remember anything about his personal history. If used in combat, the target cannot remember why he is fighting, and counts as shaken until the end of the combat, although he continues to defend himself or fight against an obvious threat if such is part of his personality. The target suffers a -4 morale penalty to Sense Motive checks and Will saving throws while under the influence of this spell. If the target successfully saves against the spell, the duration is reduced to 1 hour/level.

Material Component: A sip’s worth of wine.

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