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Mark Jeffrey (‘Big Mark’)

English convict sent to Australia. Described as – ‘A terror to those in authority. He always fights against injustice’.

As a child with nowhere to live and no money he took to burglary but was caught and convicted to fifteen years transportation to a penal colony. Jeffery was in many disputes over his rights to food and rations while awaiting transportation being severely punished after his lack of rations resulted in his violent attacks.

After a long and stormy voyage, Jeffery worked torturously on Norfolk Island before being sent to Separate Prison in Port Arthur for six months over more controversy over provisions.

Eventually he was freed but shortly after he was involved in fight in a pub and convicted of manslaughter sentencing him back into the prison in Port Arthur for Life. Since Jeffery has spent extensive periods at a time in solitary imprisonment wearing leg-irons. Jeffery saw this as an injustice so he wrecked and smashed his prison cell and attempted to murder a guard.

The authorities were exhausted by his violent outbursts and sent him to the Isle of the Dead as a grave digger. While living on the Isle of the Dead Mark encountered a devil who appeared and spoke to him. Jeffery was so disturbed by the experience that he immediately requested to be removed from the island.

Jeffery was then sent to Hobart where he continually fell victim to injustice and found himself several more convictions of assault.

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