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Peter Niers

man, knight, horse, Peter Niers

Bandit, serial killer and black magician, described as “rather old, with two crooked fingers were and a long scar on his chin.”

Peter Niers is a unpopular serial killer known to have committed hundreds of murders and mutilation’s, including cutting fetuses out of pregnant women and using the remains being in magical rituals to boost his many supernatural abilities, and for acts of cannibalism.

The leading figure in a loosely knit network of robber-killers. Operating in the spaces outside cities in woods and mountains and along unfrequented roads. A network constantly changing with its composition sometimes joining together for major raids, at other times splitting up into smaller groups to pursue robberies and killings on smaller scale over different areas.

Niers had a demonic mentor in crime known as Martin Stier, who led a gang of bandits that murdered and robbed their way from the Netherlands to Württemberg.

Some of the gang members were caught, including Niers himself who was arrested and tortured in Gersbach. There he confessed to 75 acts of murder, but somehow managed to escape. Over the next few years a number of pamphlets, ballads, and stories were written and circulated detailing his cannibalism and mastery of the black arts.

When Niers gang gathered at Pfalzburg, they had a meeting with a Devil, who gave its blessing to the gang’s ambitions, even providing Niers and Sumer with monthly pay along with granting supernatural powers to Niers.

Even earlier than this Niers learned how to become invisible from his mentor Martin Stier, and that the only reason he was finally caught was because he was deprived of his bag containing the magical materials to make himself invisible. A critical component of such magical material was thought to be the remains of fetuses; during the casting of the spell the fetus hearts were eaten. Another use of fetal black magic: To concoct the flesh and fats of infants into magic candles that, when lit, would allow them to rob houses without awaking the inhabitants.

Niers has other supernatural powers as well, in particular the ability of physical transformation having the ability to change his shape into an inamite object or goat, dog, or cat.

A master of disguise, he frequently changes his appearance and costume, sometimes masquerading as a common soldier, at other times as a leper, and a number of other disguises. However some things stay constant: He always had a lot of money on him, he carried two loaded pistols in his trousers, and a huge two-handed sword.

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