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  • Gender – Male
  • Race – Human
  • Occupation –
  • Religion – 
  • Allies – 
  • Enemies – 
  • Abode/ Base of operations β€“
  • Nationality –
  • Languages –
  • Alignment β€“
  • Affiliation (s) –
  • Significant others – 

Enmerkar, according to the Sumerian king list, was the builder of Uruk reigning for 900 years. He brought the official kingship with him from the city of Eana, after his father Mesh-ki-ag-gasher, son of Utu, had “entered the sea and disappeared.”

Enmerkar is also known from a few other Sumerian legends, most notably Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta, where a previous confusion of the languages of mankind is mentioned. Here, he himself is called ‘the son of Utu’ (Utu was the Sumerian Sun god). In addition to founding Uruk, he is said here to have had a temple built at Eridu, and is even credited with the invention of writing on clay tablets for purposes of threatening Aratta into submission.

The builder of the Tower of Babel, Uruk was the original site of Babel.

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