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Adapa son of Ea is a Babylonian who accidentally rejected the gift of immortality, he is portrayed wearing the skin of a fish.

Adapa a mortal from a godly lineage, a son of Ea, god of Wisdom and of the ancient city of Eridu, who brought the arts of civilisation to that city from Dilmun. He broke the wings of Ninlil the South Wind, who had overturned his fishing boat, and was called to account before Anu. Ea, his patron god, warned him to apologise humbly for his actions, but not to partake of food or drink while he was in heaven, as it would be the food of death. Anu, impressed by Adapa’s sincerity, offered instead the food of immortality, but Adapa heeded Ea’s advice, refused, and thus was cheated of the immortality that would have been his.

Adapa is an advisor to the king of Eridu, Alulim. In addition to his advisory duties, he serves as a priest and exorcist.

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