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By Franz Xaver Simm - Hermann Roskoschny, 1845-1898. Das asiatische Russland, Leipzig: Gressner & Schramm, 1884, Public Domain, Amazon characters
By Franz Xaver Simm – Hermann Roskoschny, 1845-1898. Das asiatische Russland, Leipzig: Gressner & Schramm, 1884, Public Domain,

Courageous and fiercely independent, the Amazons, commanded by their queen, regularly undertake extensive military expeditions into the far corners of the world


Aella was one of Hippolyte’s Amazons, she was the first to attack Heracles when he came for Hippolyte’s girdle. Unfortunately, Heracles was wearing the Nemean Lion skin from his first labor, making him invulnerable. Aella could not kill Heracles; thus, she was killed instead. Her name means “whirlwind”and is appropriate because she is a killer fighter. She fought with a double-headed battle axe


Ainia was an enemy of Achilles and an Amazon, one of the twelve who accompanied Penthesilea to the Trojan War. Her name means “swiftness.


Alcippe, an Amazon who vowed to remain a virgin. She was killed by Heracles during his ninth labor.


Antiope is a figure from Greek mythology. She was the only Amazon known to have married. Daughter of Ares and sister to Melanippe and Hippolyte and possibly Orithya, queens of the Amazons,she was the wife of Theseus.

During Heracles’ ninth labor, which was to obtain the Girdle of Hippolyte when he captured the Amazons’ capital of Themiscyra, his companion Theseus, king of Athens, abducted Antiope and brought her to his home. They were eventually married and she gave birth to a son, Hippolytus who was named after Antiope’s sister. Soon after, the Amazons attacked Athens in an attempt to rescue Antiope and to take back Hippolyte’s girdle; however, the Amazons failed.

During this conflict, known as the Attic War, Antiope was said to have fought on the side of the Amazons. She was seriously wounded and could no longer defend herself from Theseus and his retainers (which included Heracles). Watching these events take place, the Amazon Molpadia killed the queen with an arrow (some say spear), saving her from violation by the Athenian king.

In an alternate story, Theseus had planned to marry Phaedra. Antiope was furious about this and decided to attack them on their wedding day. She promised to kill every person in attendance; however, she was slain instead, fulfilling an oracle’s prophecy to that effect, though it took Theseus, Heracles, and an army to kill her. (Hyginus, Fab. 241).

And in yet another alternate version, Hippolyte marries Theseus and the subsequent attack on Athens does not occur.


A companion of Artemis in the hunt Celaeno was an amazon. She was killed by Heracles whilst he was undertaking the ninth labour.


A companion of Artemis in the hunt


Hippo was a famous queen who helped found the cities of Ephesus, Smyrna, Cyrene, and Myrina. She conquered then set up a wooden statue of Artemis next to a beech tree in Ephesus. Amazons often go there to perform rituals like the shield dance, beating the ground in unison to the accompaniment of pipes playing a wild, warlike melody.



Son of Theseus and Antiope


An important military Queen who made a name (and an empire) for the Amazons.She had a daughter named Orithia


Queen Hippolyte’s sister and daughter of Ares


A model Amazon warrior. She came with the Amazon army to The Republic to rescue Antiope from her kidnapper Theseus


Queen of the Amazons


An Amazon Queen when Heracles was atoning for his sins (killing his wife and sons) Omphale was who he worked for. She bought the “hero” as a slave and put him to work weaving, spinning and carding. Whenever he made mistakes she beat him with a golden sandal. Eventually she sent Heracles home


The daughter of the Queen Marpesia and mother of the two Argonauts Calais and Zetes. These children were the result of a kidnapping and rape by the God of North Wind, Boreas




A companion of Artemis in the hunt

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