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God Mars

God Mars

God Mars
Statue colossale de Mars (Pyrrhus) – MC0058 – Vestibule du Palais des Conservateurs – Muséi Capitolini (Rome).

Mars was the Roman warrior god, the son of Juno and Jupiter, husband of Bellona, and the lover of Venus. He was the most prominent of the military gods that were worshipped by the Roman legions. The martial Romans considered him second in importance only to Jupiter. His festivals were held in March (named for him) and October.

Initially Mars was a Roman god of fertility and vegetation and a protector of cattle, fields and boundaries. Mars later became associated with battle as the growing Roman Empire began to expand, and he came to be identified with the Greek god Ares. Unlike his Greek counterpart, Mars was generally revered and rivaled Jupiter as the most honoured god. He was also the tutelary god of the city of Rome. As he was regarded as the legendary father of Rome’s founder, Romulus, it was believed that all Romans were descendants of Mars.

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Divine Rank: 15
Domains: Law, Plant, Protection, Strength, War
Medium outsider (Divine)
Hit Dice: 40d10 + 600 (1,000 hp)
Initiative: +17 (always first)
Speed: 60 ft. (50 ft. in armor)
Armor Class: 94 (+20 armor, +10 deflection,+9 Dexterity, +15 divine, +22 natural, +8 shield), touch 52, flat-footed 85, combat 90
Base Attack/Combat: +40/+71
Attack: longsword +91 melee (1d8 + 40 /17-20/x3) or Divine Blast +64 ranged touch (25d12) or javelin +79 ranged (1d6 + 28 /19-20)
Full Attack: 4 longswords +91 melee (1d8 + 40 /17-20/x3) and shield +91/+86/+81/+76 melee (1d8 + 32 /19-20)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, blast, divine aura, shield, spell-like abilities, tactics
Special Qualities: Damage reduction 30/greater epic, damage reduction 15/-, immunity to cold, fast healing 35, resistance to electricity 40 and fire 40, Spell Resistance 55
Saves: Fort +58, Ref +40, Will +54
Abilities: Strength 42, Dexterity 28, Constitution 40, Intelligence 33, Wisdom 32, Charisma 31
Skills: Climb +84, Craft (armor) +42, Craft (weapons) +42, Diplomacy +68, Disguise +45, Handle Animal +68, Intimidate +68, Knowledge (engineering) +69, Knowledge (Geography) +50, Knowledge (history) +50, Knowledge (the planes) +50, Knowledge (religion) +50, Perception +69, Profession (engineer) +69, Ride (Dexterity)+67, Sense Motive +69, Survival +69, Swim +84
Feats: CleaveCombat ExpertiseCombat ReflexesDefensive Combat TrainingDiehardEnduranceGreat CleaveGreat FortitudeGreater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Disarm, Improved InitiativeImproved Shield BashImproved Two Weapon fightingIron WillMounted CombatPower AttackQuick DrawRide-By Attack, Shield Master, Shield Slam, Shield Specialization, Shield Ward, Spirited Charge, Trample, Two Weapon Fighting
Epic Feats: Epic EnduranceEpic FortitudeEpic WillPerfect Two-Weapon FightingSuperior Initiative
Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Form, Alter Reality, Alter SizeDivine BlastDivine Blessing (Constitution), Divine Blessing (Strength), Divine Fast Healing, Divine Fighter, Divine Marshal, Divine Might, Divine Right, Divine ShieldDivine Weapon Mastery, Divine Weapon Supremacy (sword), Supreme Initiative
Environment: Olympus
Organization: Solitary (unique)
Challenge Rating: 41
Treasure: Possessions
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Alter Reality (Ex): As a one round action, Mars can duplicate the effects of a 24th level spell or lower. (Caster level 15th, DC 55) He can duplicate the effects of his domain spells as a standard action, and they have a caster level of 40th.

Blast: 13/day as a standard action, Mars can unleash a Divine Blast dealing 25d12 damage.

Divine Aura: Will DC 55 negates, 1500 ft. radius. In addition, Mars provides his marshal benefits to all allies within range of his divine aura. Both auras have a +25 bonus. Mars may select any minor and major aura to be active.

Shield: 18/day as an immediate action, Mars can create a personal shield that withstands up to 150 points of damage. This shield ignores damage that Ares would not be harmed by due to immunities or resistances.

Spell-like Abilities: At will – greater plane shiftgreater teleport. Caster level 55th.

Tactics (Ex): 10/day, Mars can grant any and all allies within range of his divine aura an immediate move or standard action.

Possessions: +5 adamantine longsword, +5 banded armor of heavy fortification, +5 tower shield of arrow deflection, +2 javelin, +2 Dagger

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