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 God, Höðr

Adult Blind Folded Body Dark  - Pexels / Pixabay, Höðr
Pexels / Pixabay
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Höðr  is the blind brother of Balder, guided by Loki he shot the mistletoe missile which was to slay the otherwise invulnerable Balder.

The goddess Frigga made everything in existence swear never to harm Balder, except for the mistletoe which she found too young to demand an oath from. The gods amused themselves by trying weapons on Baldr and seeing them fail to do any harm. Loki, upon finding out about Balder’s one weakness, made a missile from mistletoe, and helped Höðr shoot it at Baldr. After this Odin and the giantess Rindr gave birth to Váli who grew to adulthood within a day and slew Höðr.

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