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The Infinite Staircase

The Staircase is the goal of every longing heart, the road to every dream.”

The Infinite Staircase, sometimes knownas the Celestial Staircase or the Celestial Stairway, was a network of pathways linking the Realms with the planes.

  • The Infinite Staircase has doors that lead to many different planes.
  • The Staircase joins with any area on a plane where intelligent creatures have expressed some sort of creative spirit.  
  • Stairs that lead to evil planes are cold and shadowy. Stairs that lead to Upper Planes are clean, bright and warm.  
  • Gravity changes from landing to landing. 
  • Each landing has a door. The keys to the doors are always mysteries, riddles and puzzles. 
  • Dark passages are said to lead to cities where all magic fails or where visitors age, wither and die.
  • The Staircase is guarded by Lillend, snake-women who serve a moon goddess.
  • Those who offend the moon-goddess are trapped here.  
  • The Staircase is always under construction. The builders are always heard but never seen. 
  • Strange creatures of elemental time supervise its operation. 
  • A person can travel the staircase to get to the city of their heart’s desire, but only once. This usually only happens to lone travelers.
  • There’s a guild of adventurers who live on the Staircase, known as The Planewalker’s Guild.
The Infinite Staircase, An ilustration from "Kéraban the Inflexible" by Jules Verne paited by Léon Benett. The Infinite Staircase
An ilustration from “Kéraban the Inflexible” by Jules Verne paited by Léon Benett.
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