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(Settlement) Nivelles

  • General Alignment: Neutral
  • Settlement Size: Large Town
  • Corruption: High
  • Crime: High
  • Economy: Thriving
  • Law: Strict
  • Lore: Rich
  • Society: Diverse
  • Qualities: Multicultural, Wealthy, Dangerous
  • Danger: High
  • Demographics:
  • Country: Duchy of Brabant
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Legislature: Duchy Council
  • Population: 16,000
  • Places of Interest: -Nivelles Cathedral, a grand church dedicated to St. Gertrude -The city market, a bustling hub of commerce and trade -The Duke’s palace, a towering castle at the heart of the city
  • Current Ruler: Duke Jan van Brabant
  • Other Notable Residents: -Abbess Adela of Nivelles, the powerful leader of the city’s religious order -Guildmaster Pierre Legrand, the cunning head of the city’s merchants’ guild
  • Marketplace:
  • Base Value: 2,400 gp
  • Purchase Limit: 10,000 gp
  • Spellcasting: 7th level spells
  • Minor Items: Potions, scrolls, wands
  • Medium Items: +1 magical weapons, +2 armor
  • Major Items: Artifacts, +3 weapons, +3 armor

The city of Nivelles is a bustling hub of commerce and industry, with a rich history and culture that has been shaped by centuries of war and peace. Despite its many challenges, the people of Nivelles are proud of their heritage and fiercely independent, having fought for their rights and freedoms against both the abbesses and the dukes of Brabant. With a population of 16,000, the city is home to artisans, merchants, and other guild members, who have formed strong bonds of community and cooperation over the years.

However, the city is also plagued by a growing sense of unease, as rumors of a sinister force at work in the shadows spread. Jacques de la Porte, a notorious thief and smuggler, has been terrorizing the city for months, stealing valuable goods and leaving destruction in his wake. Despite the best efforts of the city guard, de la Porte always seems to stay one step ahead, evading capture and making off with his loot.

Many in Nivelles believe that de la Porte is in league with dark powers, and rumors of strange creatures and otherworldly magic swirl around him. The people live in fear, knowing that the thief may strike at any time, and many have turned to the church for protection. The abbess of Nivelles, Adela, has pledged to put an end to de la Porte’s reign of terror, but with each passing day, the thief grows bolder, and the city grows more vulnerable.

To make matters worse, the marketplace of Nivelles has been impacted by the ongoing turmoil. The Base Value is average, but the Purchase Limit is low, and Spellcasting is restricted. In the marketplace, Minor Items are readily available, but Medium Items are scarce, and Major Items are almost non-existent.

As the city struggles to find a solution to the growing threat, a number of other notable residents have emerged. These include:

  • Brother Thomas, a wise and well-respected priest who serves as the city’s spiritual leader and advisor
  • Gaston, a wealthy merchant who has built a successful business trading in rare goods and exotic spices
  • Anne, a skilled blacksmith who is known for crafting the finest weapons and armor in the city

With so much at stake, the people of Nivelles will need to come together if they hope to defeat Jacques de la Porte and restore peace and prosperity to the city.

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