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Elemental Planes

Elemental Planes
Elemental Planes – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

The four classic Inner Planes are the Plane of Air, the Plane of Earth, the Plane of Fire, and the Plane of Water

It is from these planes that the creatures known as elementals hail, yet they house many other strange denizens as well, such as the genie races, strange metal-eating xorns, unseen invisible stalkers, and mischievous mephits.

The Para-Elemental planes are four unique planes cosmology that exist at the intersection of two primary Elemental planes. Each Para-Elemental plane combines the essence of two basic elements, resulting in a distinct and volatile environment. The Para-Elemental planes are:

  1. Smoke:
    • Intersection of Fire and Air.
    • A swirling realm of thick, choking smoke and scalding winds.
    • Home to creatures like smoke para-elementals and smog mephits.
  2. Magma:
    • Intersection of Fire and Earth.
    • A searing expanse of molten rock and flowing lava.
    • Inhabited by creatures like magma para-elementals and magmin.
  3. Ooze:
    • Intersection of Earth and Water.
    • A slimy and treacherous domain of mud, sludge, and primordial ooze.
    • Inhabited by creatures like ooze para-elementals and oozes.
  4. Ice:
    • Intersection of Water and Air.
    • A frozen wasteland of glaciers, blizzards, and biting cold.
    • Home to creatures like ice para-elementals and ice mephits.

These Para-Elemental planes add depth and variety to the elemental cosmology, providing unique environments for adventurers to explore and encounter new challenges. Due to their volatile and extreme nature, they can be both fascinating and hazardous places in the multiverse.

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