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  • Coat of arms/Flag
  • Status – Settlement
  • General Alignment –
  • Settlement size –
  • Corruption +; Crime +; Economy +; Law +; Lore +; Society +
  • Qualities –
  • Danger +
  • Demographics
  • Country –
  • Government –
  • Legislature –
  • Population – 3,423
  • Places of interest – Boothill Graveyard
  • Current Ruler –
  • Other Notable residents – Ed Schieffelin, The Earp brothers—Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan—and Doc Holliday
  • Marketplace
  • Base Value ; Purchase Limit ; Spellcasting
  • Minor Items ; Medium Items ; Major Items

When Ed Schieffelin searched the wilderness looking for valuable ore samples, friends told him, “Better take your coffin with you; you will find your tombstone.”After many months, while working the hills he found pieces of silver ore. When he located the vein, he filed his first claim and fittingly named his stake Tombstone.

Word spead and soon the town had some 40 cabins and about 100 residents. At the town’s founding  it took its name from Schieffelin’s initial mining claim. Soon a few thousand hardy souls were living in a canvas and matchstick camp perched amidst the richest silver strike in the Territory. The wealth flowed and Tombstone became a small city, the richly appointed Grand Hotel was opened, adorned with fine oil paintings, thick carpets,  elegant chandeliers and silk-covered walnut furniture. Now at the height of the silver mining boom the city was host to Kelly’s Wine House, featuring 26 varieties of wine imported from Europe, cigars and many other amenities common to large cities.

Under the surface there are tensions building simmering distrust, fundamental conflict over resources and land, of agrarianism of the rural Cowboys contrasts with the  industrial capitalism. Smuggling and theft of cattle, alcohol, and tobacco are common. Smugglers earned a handsome profit by sneaking these products out of Tombstone which contributes to the lawlessness of the region. Many of these crimes are carried out by outlaw elements labeled “Cow-boys”, a loosely organized band of friends and acquaintances who team up for various crimes and come to each other’s aid. It was an insult to call a legitimate cattleman a “Cowboy”. Legitimate cowmen are referred to as cattle herders or ranchers. The Cowboys are nonetheless welcome in town because of their free-spending habits, but shootings were common.

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