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Lost continent of Lemuria (MU)

Charles R. Knight (1874–1953) Two Laelaps (Dinosaurs/Dryptosaurus) fighting Date 1897

A wild unsettled land filled with dinosaurs and monstrous beasts. With scattered cites under strict government control


Lemuria is the name of a “lost land” located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and is home to all manner of dinosaurs and fantastic beasts.

The continent existed in ancient times but was hidden as a result of a cataclysmic change, at the conclusion of the ancient bird serpent war, between themselves and Atlantis.

Politics – Originally a outpost from the old world, settlers left to make a home only to find the same Draconian rule on the new world. They quickly en-slaved the native human population and used them to create wealth to send back to the old world. Cracks have begun to emerge as rebels have taken control of the wilder areas. Now lawless bandits and warlords control vast areas of the land.

What government is left has become completely corrupt and decedent, there were few cities that are not under their fierce taxation

Residents – Humans as well as genetically altered races and native reptilian races. As well as the natural dangers and various beasts dinosaurs and other gigantic monsters still exist here.

Lemuria/Hollow Earth Bestiary

IndividualsNon Player Characters

Groups – There is also the native yuan-ti troops trained for guerrilla warfare by Atlantis who now work as mercenaries and recently have begun trying to carve there own lands in the wilderness using the local people as slave labor.

Groups and Organization’s

PlacesThe Island of Doctor Moreau – populated by generically changed creatures, ship wrecked survivors are captured for experimentation

Religion – A lot of snake cults exist within the settler population. The Yuan-ti worship dark Gods .The Neanderthal use a shamanish form of worship

History – As settlers came to the native population of humans divided into two distinct races the primitive Neanderthal and the snake like Yuan-ti

Languages – As well as the many languages used in the lost world, there are remans of ancient languages


Encounter Tables


Prestige Classes

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