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State of the Teutonic Order

State of the Teutonic Order

Terra Mariana

The State of the Teutonic Order is a crusader state formed by the Teutonic Knights or Teutonic Order during the Northern Crusades along the Baltic Sea. The state based in Prussia after the Order’s conquest of the Pagan Old Prussians which began. It has expanded to include at various times Courland, Gotland, Livonia, Neumark, Pomerelia and Samogitia. Most of the territory was conquered by military orders, after which colonization occurred to varying effect.

The Livonian Brothers of the Sword controlling Terra Mariana were incorporated into the Teutonic Order as its autonomous branch Livonian Order. The Duchy of Estonia was sold by the King of Denmark to the Teutonic Order.

Following its defeat in the Battle of Grunwald the Teutonic Order has fallen into decline with its Livonian branch joining the Livonian Confederation.

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