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Gévaudan (County)

Gévaudan County
  • Coat of arms/Flag
  • Capital City- Javols
  • Other Settlements –
  • Places –
  • Languages – OccitanFrench
  • Religion(s) – Roman CatholicismCalvinism
  • Government – Monarchy
  • Legislature –
  • Current Ruler – Duke of Gévaudan
  • Other Notable residents –

The local population lives in fear as the beasts continue to terrorize the countryside, killing and injuring innocent people. This has led to a sense of panic and unease among the inhabitants of Gévaudan, who are desperately searching for a solution to put an end to these attacks.

The county is known for its rugged terrain, which is characterized by steep hills, dense forests, and winding rivers. The largest and most important city in the county is Mende, which serves as both a political and economic hub for the region. The city is home to an impressive cathedral, as well as a number of other historical buildings and monuments. The rural areas of the county, which were once dotted with small villages and farmsteads, many of which have been in existence for centuries, are now avoided by the population as the beasts’ attacks are mostly reported in these areas.

The people of Gévaudan are a proud and independent-minded people, who have a deep sense of identity and tradition. They are fiercely protective of their land and their way of life, and are not easily swayed by outside influences. They speak a variant of the Occitan language called Gevaudanais, although Latin and French were also spoken by the educated and elite.

However, the attacks of the beasts have made the people of Gévaudan anxious and worried, they are determined to put a stop to the attacks, but with no known identification of the beasts, it is a difficult task.

The Duke of Gévaudan has enlisted the help of hunters and experts to find and capture the beasts, but the attacks continue. The local population is also taking measures by banding together to protect themselves, their families, and their properties. However, the attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and more violent, and people are starting to question the ability of the Duke’s army and hunters to stop them.

Gévaudan’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, with wheat, barley, and other grains being the main crops grown. Cattle, sheep, and goats are also raised in the region, providing a source of meat and dairy products for the local population. However, the beast attacks have made it difficult.

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