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Karelia (Province of Finland)


The people of Karelia are a fiercely independent and self-sufficient people, living off the land and relying on their own resources to survive. They are skilled farmers, hunters, and craftsmen, and they are known for their tough, resilient nature. Karelia is home to a diverse population, including Finns, Russians, and various indigenous peoples, and the region has a rich cultural heritage that reflects this mix of influences.

Despite its remote location, Karelia has always played an important role in the region’s politics and economics. The region has a long history of trade, with merchants and traders traveling to Karelia from all over Europe to buy and sell goods. The people of Karelia are also skilled at mining and forestry, and these industries have played a vital role in the region’s economy.

In recent years, Karelia has faced a number of challenges, including conflict with its neighbors and economic struggles. However, the people of Karelia are resilient and they remain determined to preserve their way of life and protect their independence. Despite the challenges they face, the people of Karelia remain proud of their rich cultural heritage and their strong sense of community.

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