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Rostock is a small city located in the Duchy of Mecklenburg, within the realm of the Holy Roman Empire. Known for its rich history and culture, Rostock is a bustling center of trade and commerce, as well as a center of learning and scholarship.

Coat of Arms/Flag:

  • The coat of arms of Rostock features a golden ship on a blue field, symbolizing the city’s importance as a port and center of trade.
  • The flag of Rostock is blue and gold, with the ship in the center.
  • Status: Settlement, Hanseatic City, Holy Roman Empire
  • Settlement Size: Small City
  • Corruption: +3 Crime: +3 Economy: +3 Law: +2 Lore: +3 Society: +3
  • Qualities: Dangerous, Prosperous:, Strategic Location: Well-Guarded: Well-Informed: Magical:
  • Danger: +3
  • Demographics:
  • Country: Duchy of Mecklenburg
  • Government: Feudal Monarchy
  • Legislature: City Council
  • Population: 10,785
  • Places of Interest: University of Rostock
  • Current Ruler Henry IV, Duke of Mecklenburg
  • Other Notable Residents:

Johann Hinrich Wichern, a famous theologian and founder of the Inner Mission movement.

Johann Carl Fuhlrott, a renowned paleontologist and discoverer of the first Neanderthal fossils.

Hans Suess, a prominent businessman and member of the city council.

  • Marketplace:
  • Base Value: 1000 gp
  • Purchase Limit: 10,000 gp
  • Spellcasting: 7th level
  • Minor Items: Common magic items
  • Medium Items: Uncommon magic items
  • Major Items: Rare magic items

Rostock is a city of great contrasts and contradictions. On one hand, it is a place of great prosperity and opportunity, where merchants and traders from all over the world come to do business. On the other hand, it is a place of great danger and corruption, where criminals and thieves thrive in the shadows.

The city is ruled by the Duke of Mecklenburg, Henry IV, who governs with the help of the city council. The city is also home to the University of Rostock, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Holy Roman Empire. The university is also known to have a powerful wizarding faculty and many powerful spellcasters reside there.

Despite its reputation for danger, Rostock is a place of great learning and culture. The University of Rostock is known for its excellent faculty and excellent academic programs, and many famous scholars and scientists have studied and taught there.

Rostock is also a place of great history and tradition. The city has a rich and colorful past, dating back to the Middle Ages, and many of its historic buildings and landmarks are still standing today.

In terms of folklore and mythology, Rostock is known for its sea monsters, such as the Kraken, giant octopus-like creature said to dwell off the coast. Other tales tell of ghost ships that sail the seas around Rostock, manned by the spirits of sailors lost at sea.

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1920px Rostock 1550 60
Rostock in the 16th century
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