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County of East Frisia

East Frisia
  • Coat of Arms/Flag Status:
  • Capital City: Aurich
  • Other Settlements: Jever, Wilhelmshaven, Esens, Wittmund
  • Languages: Frisian, German
  • Religion(s): Christianity (predominantly Protestant)
  • Government: Monarchy with strong parliament, but corrupt and ineffective
  • Legislature: Elected officials who are more concerned with their own wealth and power
  • Current Ruler: King Johann II, a cruel and ruthless leader
  • Other Notable residents: Count Simon von Oldersum, Hans van der Meer, Dr. Johann von Bock

The official language is Frisian, but German is also widely spoken, as the country is bordered by the Holy Roman Empire. The capital city, Aurich, is a place of misery and despair, known for its dilapidated architecture and dark history. The Aurich Castle, once a symbol of strength and power, now serves as a reminder of the country’s downfall.

The government is a monarchy with a strong parliament, but it is corrupt and ineffective, unable to protect its people from the constant threat of flooding and the raids of neighboring nations. The legislature is made up of elected officials who are more concerned with their own wealth and power than the welfare of their people. The population of East Frisia is approximately 1.5 million, but many have been lost to war, disease and poverty.

The coast once a source of pride and beauty, is now a wasteland, where only the hardiest of creatures survive. The mudflats are infested with creatures, some of them monstrous, that prey on unsuspecting travelers. The sea itself is treacherous, and many ships have been lost to its unpredictable waves and currents.

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The current ruler, King Johann II, is a cruel and ruthless leader, who cares nothing for his people. He is more interested in increasing his own wealth and power. The local ruler, Count Simon von Oldersum, governs the region of Oldersum with an iron fist, his army of mercenaries terrorizing the local population. Other notable residents include the notorious artist, Hans van der Meer, who’s macabre paintings depict the horrors of life in East Frisia, and the mad scientist, Dr. Johann von Bock, who’s twisted experiments have caused the deaths of many innocent people.

East Frisia is also known for itscreatures, such as Kobolds and the “Nixies” (a water spirit), but these creatures are not to be trifled with, for they are as malevolent as the land itself.

The only positive qualities of East Frisia are its natural resources and strategic location, but even these are overshadowed by the constant threat of war, disease, and poverty. This is a land where only the strongest and the most ruthless survive.

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