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County of Virneburg (State of the Holy Roman Empire)

County of Virneburg
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  • Coat of Arms: Black shield with three golden lions
  • Status: State of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Capital City: Virneburg
  • Other Settlements: Trier, Wittlich, Bitburg
  • Languages: German, Latin
  • Religion(s): Christianity
  • Government: Feudal monarchy
  • Legislature: Council of nobles and wealthy merchants
  • Current Ruler: Robert IV, Count of Virneburg
  • Other Notable residents:

The population is primarily made up of Germanic peoples, with a mix of Celtic and Slavic influences. The official language is German, though Latin is also commonly spoken.

The capital city of the County of Virneburg is the fortified town of Virneburg, with a population of over 5,000. The government is a feudal monarchy, with a local ruler, the Count of Virneburg, who answers to the Holy Roman Emperor. The legislature is made up of a council of nobles and wealthy merchants.

Places of interest include the impressive Castle of the Count, the grand cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, and the ancient ruins of the Roman city of Trier. However, despite its rich history, the County of Virneburg is also home to various mythical and folklore monsters, such as the giant Kelpie said to dwell in the rivers and the terrifying Barghest said to stalk the graveyards at night. Also, the locals in the County of Virneburg believe in the existence of a powerful sorcerer who dwells in the Black Forest, who is said to possess the power of shapeshifting into a wolf.

The coat of arms of the County of Virneburg is a black shield with three golden lions, and the flag is a black and gold horizontal stripe. Other settlements in the County of Virneburg include Trier, Wittlich, and Bitburg. The main religion is Christianity.

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