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County of Holstein

County of Holstein

Holstein is a small country located in Northern Europe.

  • Coat of arms
  • Capital City- Kiel
  • Other Settlements –
  • Languages – Low GermanDanish
  • Religion(s) – Lutheran
  • Government – Feudal Monarchy
  • Legislature –
  • Current Ruler – Adolphus VIII, Count of Holstein (answers to the Holy Roman Emperor)
  • Other Notable residents –

The demographics of Holstein are mostly composed of Germanic people, with a minority of Danes and Frisians. The official language is German, but Danish and Frisian are also commonly spoken. The capital city is Kiel, a bustling port city known for its trade and shipbuilding. The government is ruled by a local ruler, Count Adolphus, who answers to the Holy Roman Emperor. The legislature is made up of a council of nobles, elected by the people. The population of Holstein is around 50,000.

Places of interest include the Kieler Förde, a beautiful bay that stretches from Kiel to the Baltic Sea, and the Castle of Kiel, a grand fortress that serves as the seat of the count. Holstein is also home to many picturesque villages, rolling hills, and dense forests.

The current ruler is Count Adolphus, a just and fair leader who is well-respected by the people. Notable residents include the wealthy merchant Hans Kramer, who controls much of the county’s trade and commerce, and the legendary blacksmith, Johann Schmidt, who is said to have forged the sword of Count Adolphus.

Holstein is also known for its folklore creatures, such as the fearsome Nachzehrer, a type of undead monster that feeds on the dead and the living, and the mysterious and elusive Wild Hunt, a ghostly cavalcade of hunters that ride through the night sky.

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