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Kingdom of Georgia

Kingdom of Georgia
  • Coat of arms/Flag of Georgia (country)
  • Capital City- Tbilisi
  • Other Settlements –
  • Languages – Official: Middle Georgian
  • Religion(s) – Dominant Orthodox Christianity (Georgian Orthodox Church)
  • Minor Miaphysitism Judaism Islam
  • Government – Feudal Monarchy
  • Legislature –
  • Current Ruler – King Bagrat IV ” King of Kings, Autocrat of all the East and the West, Sword of the Messiah, King of Abkhazians, King of Iberians, King of Kakheti and Heretians, King of Armenians, Possessor of Shirvan.”
  • Other Notable residents –
  • Area – 380,000 km (150,000 sq mi)
  • Population – 2.4–2.5 millions
  • Currency – Dirham 
Lev Lagorio (1827–1905) Title Batumi, Date 1881
Lev Lagorio (1827–1905) Title Batumi, Date 1881

The Kingdom of Georgia is a monarchy, with the monarch holding absolute power. The current monarch is King Bagrat IV, who has been on the throne since 1425. King Bagrat is known for his efforts to reform and modernize the kingdom, including the introduction of a standing army and the establishment of a centralized bureaucracy.

Georgia is a predominantly agricultural society, with the majority of the population working in farming or related occupations. The country is also home to a number of major cities, including Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi, which are centers of trade and commerce. The Georgian economy is based on agriculture, forestry, and the export of natural resources such as grain, timber, and minerals.

The Kingdom of Georgia is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state, with a diverse population that includes Georgians, Armenians, Persians, Russians, and others. The official language of the kingdom is Georgian, but other languages such as Armenian, Persian, and Russian are also spoken. The dominant religion in Georgia is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, but there are also significant communities of Catholics, Jews, and Muslims.

Georgia is a key player in regional politics, with strong diplomatic ties to its neighbors and a history of resistance against external threats. The kingdom is known for its military prowess and its ability to defend itself against invaders.

Overall, the Kingdom of Georgia is a prosperous and influential state that plays a key role in the politics and economy of the Caucasus region. Its unique culture, history, and strategic location make it a vital and important part of the region.

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