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Khanate of Kazan

Khanate of Kazan
Khanate of Kazan (Hogoblin Warbanner) – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

The Khanate of Kazan is a brutal Hobgoblin khanate.

Coat of Arms/Flag: The coat of arms of the Khanate of Kazan features Maglubiyet on a red background, representing the strength and power of the Hobgoblin army. The flag is a red banner with the coat of arms emblazoned in the center.

Capital City: Kazan

Other Settlements: The other settlements in the Khanate of Kazan include the Hobgoblin camps of Zogar and Krog.

Languages: goblin

Religion(s): Worship of Maglubiyet, the Hobgoblin deity of war and conquest

Government: Brutal Hobgoblin rule under the Khan Azgar

Legislature: Council of Hobgoblin warlords who advise the Khan and enforce his rule

Current Ruler: The Hobgoblin Khan Azgar

Other Notable residents: Hobgoblin warlord Zogar, Local Shaman Krog, The Khan’s Guard, Captured slaves and enslaved races such as ogres, trolls, and bugbears.

The majority of the population speaks goblin, the majority of the population is hobgoblins with a smaller population of other races such as goblins, ogres, bugbears, and enslaved humans. The capital city is called Kazan and is governed by a brutal Hobgoblin leader known as the Khan Azgar who rules with an iron fist and demands loyalty and obedience from his subjects. The legislature is made up of a council of Hobgoblin warlords who advise the Khan on matters of war and governance. The population of the Khanate of Kazan is around 50,000 Hobgoblins, with an additional number of enslaved humans, ogres, trolls, and bugbears.

Places of interest in the Khanate of Kazan include the Kazan Fortress, which is the residence of Khan Azgar and the stronghold of the Hobgoblin army. The fortress is heavily fortified with high walls and towers, and is protected by a large garrison of Hobgoblin warriors. Another notable site is the Temple of Maglubiyet, which is a sacred site for the Hobgoblin’s deity of war and destruction. The temple is adorned with trophies of war and is the site of brutal rituals to appease Maglubiyet. The countryside is also known for its harsh and unforgiving terrain, which is home to many dangerous creatures such as goblins, ogres, and bugbears, these creatures are often used as soldiers in the Hobgoblin army.

Other notable residents include the Khan’s chief advisor, the Hobgoblin warlord Zogar, who is known for his ruthless tactics and the local shaman, Krog, who is renowned for his dark magic and powerful curses. These two individuals hold a lot of power within the Khanate and are considered to be among the most feared and respected figures among the Hobgoblin population. The Khan also has a group of elite soldiers known as the “Khan’s Guard” who are responsible for his protection and enforcing his commands among the population.

The Khanate of Kazan is also known for its fierce and brutal raids on nearby human settlements, where they capture slaves and loot. The Hobgoblins see themselves as superior to other races and consider enslaving and raiding as their right. The human settlements that surround the khanate live in fear of these raids, and many have formed alliances or paid tribute to the Khanate to avoid being targeted.

The Khanate of Kazan is also home to many mythical and folklore monsters such as the Kazan Dragon, a giant serpent said to live in the depths of the Volga River, and the Skullcrusher, an enormous Ogre who is said to be invincible in battle. These monsters are often featured in Hobgoblin legends and stories, and are used to instill fear in the population and enemies of the Khanate.

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