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Alliance of the Four Orcats ( Confederation of Goblinoid tribes)

Alliance of the Four Orcats 1
AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator
  • Coat of arms/Flag
  • Capital City- Vrenkazar
  • Other Settlements –
  • Languages – Goblin
  • Religion(s) – Worship of the god of war, Maglubiyet
  • Government – Alliance
  • Legislature – Customary rules, Hobgoblin Codes
  • Current Ruler – None, council of tribal chiefs, including Lord Grondar,
  • Other Notable residents – Shadowcloak chief Shadecaller”, the Bloodfang chief “Brogathar” and the Firebrand chief “Flamecaller

Located in the mountainous region of “The Four Oirat”, the confederation’s capital city is “Vrenkazar” a mobile fortified camp. Other settlements within the confederation include the Ironfist fortresses, Shadowcloak camps, goblin villages, and bugbear caves. Despite demands from the human Emperor to accept his supremacy, the confederation refused and defeated a Ming force the next year. However, a larger force later forced them to flee westward.

The Oirats have close relations with the hobgoblins where the Chagatayid Khans reigned and the Oirats continued their resistance by conducting regular raids from those areas, eventually capturing the overconfident Ming Emperor Zhengtong.

The Alliance of the Four Orcats is governed by a council of clan chiefs, including Lord Grondar, the chief of the Ironfist clan who is currently making decisions. However, after murdering his rivals, Lord Grondar plans to take the title of “Great Khan” for himself and end the Confederation. However, his ambition has not gone unnoticed by the other clan chiefs, who are plotting to kill him in order to preserve their individual clan freedoms.

The Alliance of the Four Orcats is characterized by its worship of the god of war, Maglubiyet, and its adherence to customary rules and hobgoblin codes. The population size of the confederation is not specified, but it is known that the confederation is made up of hobgoblin, goblin, and bugbear tribes and that the confederation’s primary language is goblin.

Other notable residents of the confederation include the Shadowcloak chief “Shadecaller”, the Bloodfang chief “Brogathar” and the Firebrand chief “Flamecaller”. Places of interest within the confederation include the “War altar of Maglubiyet”, a sacred grove where the tribe’s shamans commune with their god, the “High King’s palace” a massive fortress where Lord Grondar resides, and the “Ironfist forge” where the tribe’s blacksmiths create powerful weapons and armor.

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