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Lightning Bomb

Lightning Bomb
Lightning Bomb – AI Generated Artwork – NightCafe Creator

As destructive and terrifyingly impressive as the detonation of a lightning bomb can be, it has a far smaller area of effect than most other bombs, concentrating its destructive power within a ten-foot radius of the point of impact.

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose Publishing

Publish date 2005

The bomb shares the standard thunderstone and alchemist fire core, but carries a payload of a full score of globes of bottled lightning. Its area of effect is limited as it is by the construction of these globes, which cannot survive the detonation of the bomb, even if wrapped in padding like the thunderstone bomb. Therefore, the payload of the bomb cannot be scattered as is the case with most bombs, concentrating its full destruction in a small area.

For this reason, the lightning bomb is more commonly used against a single foe than other bombs. When it detonates, the lightning bomb creates a virtual spider’s web of lancing bolts of electricity, arcing crazily throughout its area of effect, the appearance of which is enough to put a chain lightning spell to shame, though the lightning bomb deals far less damage.

A creature struck directly will take 6d6 damage from the electricity, in addition to the standard 2d6 hit points of damage from the blast of the bomb. Every creature not directly struck, but still within ten feet of the point of detonation, will take 4d6 damage from the blast, in addition to base bomb damage, and is entitled to a Reflex saving throw (DC 20) to cut the damage in half. Creatures further than ten feet from the point of detonation are unaffected.

Lightning Bomb: 750 gp; 35 lb.

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