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Culverin (Hand Bombard)

By Unknown author - Encyclopedie Larousse, 1890, Public Domain,, Culverin, Hand Bombard
By Unknown author – Encyclopedie Larousse, 1890, Public Domain,

The culverin, also known as a hand bombard, consists of a simple smoothbore tube, sealed at one end except for a small hole used to ignite a gunpowder charge.

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A wooden stock partially encases the barrel, allowing the wielder to hold it under his arm with relative ease when carrying it. Firing a culverin without support (such as a wall, a window, or a stand) imparts a –4 penalty on the attack rolls, and the wielder is knocked prone. A culverin uses 4 doses of black powder and grapeshot.

Note that these statistics simulate only the original, hand-held culverins— their larger descendants are considered cannons and are dealt with in the section on siege weapons.

Early Firearms
(Early) Two-Handed
CostDmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRangeMisfireCapacityWeight1Type2Special
Culverin4,000 gp2d62d8×430 ft.1 (10 ft.)140 lbs.B and

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