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Feat Followers (General)

Vintage Book Illustration  - Prawny / Pixabay, Feat Followers
Prawny / Pixabay

Either through the knowledge of your exploits and personality or through access to your family’s servants and retainers, you have assumed control of a small command of followers.

The Quintessential Aristocrat
Author Martin R. Thomas
Series Quintessential Series
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2004

  • Prerequisites: Character Level 3 or higher
  • Benefits: You attract loyal followers only (no cohort) similar to the Leadership feat in the SRD.

See the table below for the number of followers your character can lead.

  • Followers Score and Modifiers: Your Follower Score equals your Level + Reputation (as per the SRD) + Charisma Modifier. The other modifiers noted for followers under the details of the Leadership feat in the SRD also apply to the Followers feat (having a stronghold, moving around a lot, and having caused the death of other followers). If you follow the rules for Status as presented in Chapter 9 then you can also add your status score to your Followers score.
  • Number of Followers by Level: You may lead up to the indicated number of followers of each level. These followers are typically low-level non-player characters. Appropriate followers for an Aristocrat character include other aristocrats, experts and warriors.
  • Your followers do not earn experience or gain levels; when you gain a new level, consult the table above to determine if you gain any new followers. Some of your new followers may be higher levels than your existing followers.
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