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Feat Diva (Metamagic)

Music Composing Music Background  - geralt / Pixabay, Feat Diva
geralt / Pixabay

You increase the potency of all sound based spells.

Ink & Quill
Author Thomas Knauss
Publisher DWBP
Publish date 2002

  • Prerequisite: Any other metamagic feat, 2 ranks in Perform (any sound oriented skill)
  • Benefits: Any spell that inflicts sonic damage, deafens an opponent or depends on sound to function, causes an additional point of damage per caster level up to a maximum of +5. Note that spells with a verbal component do not qualify solely on that basis. Furthermore, the difficulty class for all saving throws against these spells increases by +2. Examples of spells that fall into this category are shatter, shout, suggestion and wail of the banshee.
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