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Delay Spell (Metamagic)

Delay Spell, death, hourglass, tarot

You can cast spells that take effect after a short delay of your choosing.

(Complete Arcane, p. 77)

Originally posted on D&Dtools

Prerequisite: Any metamagic feat,

Benefit: When casting a spell, you set a delay of 1 to 5 rounds before it takes effect. The delay time cannot be changed once set; the spell activates just before your turn on the round you designate. Only area, personal, and touch spells can be affected by this feat.

Any decisions you would make about the spell (including attack rolls, designating targets, or determining or shaping an area) are decided when the spell is cast, with any of its effects (including damage and saving throws) decided when the spell triggers. If conditions change during the delay period in ways that would make the spell impossible to cast (the target you designate moves beyond the spell’s range, for example), the spell fails. During the delay period, a delayed spell can be dispelled normally, and it can be detected in the area or on the target (as applicable). A delayed spell uses up a spell slot three levels higher than the spell’s actual level.

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